MotoGP, Jack Miller: “Wet track? The more you push, the less dangerous it is”

“You have to be 100% convinced in order to warm up the tires and make them work. If you go over the dry line, it's a disaster.”


Among the few certainties of the MotoGP is that Jack Miller becomes uncatchable when the going gets tough. In critical conditions, the Australian rider shows a sensitivity unknown to all the other riders and, today at Le Mans, he was no exception. The Ducati Pramac team rider closed in command and decided to reveal some of his secrets…even if putting them into practice is another story altogether.

In those conditions, the more you push, the safer you are,he said. "That’s because you get the tires up to temperature and they work better. This afternoon I went out with worn rain tires to understand which the dry line was, then I mounted the slicks. At that point, I started to force braking and accelerating to warm them up."

It sounds crazy, but it works.

The most important thing is your confidence with the front,” Jack continued. “If you struggle to turn the bike and you get off the dry line, then it’s a disaster. That’s why you have to push to make the tire work. If you're not 100% convinced, then it becomes dangerous, because the tires remain cold.

Miller has proven that he has the right confidence and can look forward to the rest of the weekend with optimism.

There are no points on Friday, but it was important to get a place for the Q2 because we don’t know if it’ll rain tomorrow,” he  explained “Also, in the morning, I was able to test the GP20 in wet conditions for the first time and it’s okay. I can’t complain about today.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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