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MotoGP, The front row guys: the secrets of Miller and Quartararo

Jack: "I set my time thanks to Rossi and Bagnaia. Everyone will have tyre management in a corner of their brains". Fabio: "I'll try not to make a mistake again: I understand where I went wrong"  

MotoGP: The front row guys: the secrets of Miller and Quartararo


Tomorrow, Jack Miller (Ducati) will be starting alongside Maverick Vinales, after the Australian, having got through Q1, managed to finish his qualifying session in second place to general amazement given the lack of competitiveness shown by him on the flying lap this weekend.

"Having to go through Q1 was not ideal because in Q2 I found myself with only one tyre available - said Jack - I was lucky to get a tow from Bagnaia and Rossi in the last run, they were going very fast".

Jack, what do you expect from tomorrow's race? It seems that all the bikes on the grid have improved a lot compared to 7 days ago.

“Compared to last Sunday I think I have improved my race pace; I’ve been working for this. The Yamahas are very consistent and I'm just trying to get close to them trying to understand the behaviour of the tyres. Last week I tried to chase in the first laps of the race while tomorrow I will do everything possible to keep my pace without forcing. Misano is a tough track for tyres but I found a good set-up and starting from the front will be important. I've seen a lot of crashes this weekend, tomorrow's pace will be fast but everyone will have tyre management in a corner of their brain. I expect it’ll be a very close and group race”.

Have you already made a choice when it comes to tyres?

"I have not yet found a compound with which I am OK, tomorrow depending on the temperature I will try to find a solution, together with the team".

What do you think of the MotoE? Do you like their format?

“I saw the race and it was fun. It would certainly be good for me because I like sprint races ”.

Fabio Quartararo: "I understand where the limit is"

Fabio Quartararo wrapped up the front row, and tomorrow will try to forget what happened last week when, with the desire to make up positions as quickly as possible and, perhaps betrayed by the pressure of being the championship leader, he crashed scoring a zero that gave Andrea Dovizioso the top spot.

“I feel very good after this front row - said Fabio - My pace is good, in FP4 I tried something different and that's why I wasn't among the best. I have a good base for tomorrow, I'm feeling great ”.

What do you expect from a pace point of view for tomorrow's race? It seems that the whole grid has improved, will you be able to stay with the leaders?

“The pace will be faster tomorrow and so it will be easier to make mistakes and crash. I will try not to do it again as I understand where I went wrong and why I crashed last week. At the moment there are almost 10 riders who can have their say tomorrow, it will certainly be an interesting race ”.

Certainly tomorrow the start will be crucial. Fabio, you haven't been used to making great starts lately, are you working on Yamaha's starting device?

"The last start was not great but I’ve done worse. The starting device is very sensitive and you have to be precise to be perfect. I'm struggling to find consistency in my starts but this weekend I didn't go badly ”.

What have you learned in these two weeks in Misano? Between GP and testing you have done a lot of laps...

"I have not learned anything in particular, I understand where the limit is. Turn 11, for example, is very fast and every time you want to do it even harder while now I know where the limit is. I have a program for tomorrow, I have to improve my pace in T4, while I think I have learned a lot from T2, now I am going faster than last week ".

To finish a question on MotoE, what do you think? Do you like the silence of the motorcycles?

“MotoGP is the most fun bike in the world and I'm finally in this category and I can hear the noise of these incredible engines. Certainly MotoE is offering fun races but I want to stay in MotoGP for a very long time, I’ve just arrived ”.



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