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MotoGP, Quartararo: "Until the last two laps I didn't know I was fighting for the podium"

"There was one lap where I thought there was something on the track because of the crashes, but I stayed focused and it was great to be there fighting with Pedrosa. Tomorrow to finish 10th would already be a good result."

MotoGP: Quartararo:

From 23rd place on the grid to third final position: this was the grandiose comeback made by Fabio Quartararo, in the elimination Sprint Race staged today at the Jerez circuit. A third place, of which the Frenchman was deprived at the end of the race by an 8-second penalty due to tire pressure, son of circumstances for sure. But also of the great start made by the Yamaha rider, which allowed him to recover as many as twelve positions in the first lap of the contest alone, and then fight for the lowest step of the podium with Dani Pedrosa, taking advantage of the falls of the riders in front of him.

"There was one lap where I thought there was something on the track, because there were several riders who crashed in one corner and shortly after that there were more crashes in other corners. I stayed focused and I think it was great to be there to fight, especially with Dani," Fabio said after the race, commenting on the many crashes seen in the last few passes and the fight with Pedrosa. "He was behind me the whole race, I could feel his bike, but until the last two laps I didn't know I was fighting for third. In any case, it was good. The last lap, especially, was quite impressive."

A result impossible to achieve without the transalpine's excellent start.

"On the first lap I got close to tenth position, which was the key to getting into the fight for a good position. I hope to make a start like that tomorrow as well, but realistically speaking, being able to finish in the Top 10 would be a great result," admitted El Diablo, who on the subject of his initial comeback added: "I took off very late in the first two corners, I think I also took a few hits on the suit, but that's how we have to fight, always doing it with respect. I had a lot of fun, especially in the first two laps. Obviously the start was very good and I had a very good reaction time, but honestly I didn't do anything different than usual. Sometimes you make a good start, sometimes you don't know why it comes out lousy, today I had a good reaction time and I had two good initial laps."

It was a nice turnaround from the difficulties encountered yesterday, in which the 2021 World Champion had said he was having a hard time getting the M1 to turn.

"We used a different bike, not completely, but I would say it worked pretty well. Today we will look at the data and tomorrow we hope to try something different again," he concluded. Then the cold shower of the 8-second relegation for uneven tire pressure.

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