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MotoGP, Brivio questions Spencer: "A rule must be respected, not interpreted"

"Mir lost a podium in Styria due to Pol Espargarò. I talked to Spencer, but he doesn't listen to you. The limits must not be exceeded, it applies to speed in the pits as well as for the Jump Start. Some rules are simply not interpretable"

MotoGP: Brivio questions Spencer: "A rule must be respected, not interpreted"


The podium lost by Mir in the Styrian Grand Prix continues to not go down well with Davide Brivio, Suzuki team principal, and he confirmed it yesterday in a brief visit to the room reserved for the (few) press present at the Misano GP.

“I protested against the decision not to punish Pol Espargarò when in the final sprint, he finished wide on the green, because it was clear that he had an advantage over Joan - explained Brivio - In this case he was able to open all the throttle while protecting his position. If he couldn't have done it and had been on the grass, he would have lost it. Moreover, he himself realized it, so much so that the TV images show that he returned to the garage, instead of going under the podium. They went to film him, because deep down he knew he was wrong… you don’t need anything more than that… ”.

Brivio spoke with Freddie Spencer, but without getting any satisfactory response from the American…

“I respect Spencer for what he did as a rider - he underlined - but his problem is that he doesn't listen to you. I explained the facts, but he retorted by explaining the reason for his decision, and which is that Pol gained no advantage ”.

Which is contradicted by the facts…

"I said it clearly: I don't like the 'green' rule, but so be it, if it’s there, let's respect it. But we all have to do it and there must be a consistent and always equal judgment in decisions, certain rules cannot be interpreted. If there is a speed limit in the pits and you exceed it, the rider cannot say ‘I got distracted’ even if the infringement is one kilometre per hour. So it is when you cross the track limit ”.

One can only object if a rider is pushed outside and is forced to widen his line to avoid contact. But it is an easy detail to clarify…

"Just as in the case of a false start - said the Italian manager - we agree that a rider who moves on the starting line does not always have an advantage, indeed almost never, but he is still given a jump start penalty".



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