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MotoGP, Brivio hints at paddock interest in 2022 Suzuki satellite team

VIDEO - "It's hard to stop a rider when he wants to return. The GSX-RR has improved, but Rins and Mir have improved"

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Like every Saturday, we commented on the qualifying day, live with Carlo Pernat. This time, however, there was a special guest, Davide Brivio, Suzuki team manager who spoke with us about the latest news but also about plans for the future.

Above you can see the full video, below you can read an excerpt from the interview.

Davide, what do you think of the announcement that Marquez will be out for at least another two months?

“I don't know what's going on, but I guess at this point I want to wait for him to be 100% healed. There is no point in coming back in pain and taking risks, better to start again when everything is fine. Normally we should always do this, but in motorcycling we are used to something else ”.

Would you have given Marquez permission to come back so soon?

“In that case, I think it was Marc himself who insisted and when a rider wants to try, I honestly think it's hard to stop him. In the past, I happened to tell a rider to skip an extra race or two, but we were in a position to do so. Marquez was anxious to go after the World Championship and I imagine Honda approved this request. "

Do you have medical consultants to decide on these cases?

“We don't have a trusted doctor, but every time things like this happen you realize it would help. In these cases, we consult with the doctors of the circuit, with the Clinica Mobile, but we do not have a Suzuki medical team ”.

Now let's talk about the future: is the hunt for the Suzuki bikes for 2022 underway?

“It's true, we have expressed our desire to have a satellite team, although I have to be careful about saying this because we've been talking about it for years. It would be natural to have another team, also to collect more data and information and speed up development. We talked about it with Dorna and the ideal time would be 2022, because the new contract between them and the teams will begin then. We would like to try and we are chatting with people in the paddock, someone has asked us for information, there is a certain interest. However, it will not be mandatory to have a satellite team ”.

Given your long relationship with Valentino, why not a satellite team with VR46?

“We really want to have a satellite team; we just have to find someone who wants to do it with us (laughs). For now, we are chatting with people in the paddock ”.

The Suzuki has improved a lot, what is the main reason for this result?

"I think we have a very well-balanced package, in the winter we tried to improve engine performance and introduced a new chassis, a normal evolution without complicating our lives too much. The bike turns very well, even on the straight we defend ourselves and the riders have grown. Mir was a rookie last year and is no longer, Rins did a great job over the winter and I saw him changed. Alex's injury in Jerez unfortunately came at the wrong time. The bike is good on every track, at least I hope so, you just have to put all the pieces together ”.

What is your opinion on the Zarco case?

"There has been a lot of talk about the accident, I think Johann made a mistake in judgment. What I didn't like is that we had to wait until Thursday of the following week for a decision to be made. These things must be resolved on Sunday itself, in order to put an end to them ”.



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