MotoGP, Rossi: "If Marquez manages to race, It'll be good for everyone"

"Racing  again in Jerez will give me the opportunity to improve, there's something that needs changing. The new rule on yellow flags? They need to make them more visible."


Valentino Rossi has a second chance to recover from last week's disappointing Grand Prix. That's the advantage of having a double race on the same circuit, and the Doctor doesn't want to (and cannot) miss this opportunity. And not just him. In a sense, Marquez also wants to take the opportunity and risk returning to the track a few days after surgery.

It's difficult from the outside to understand what his conditions really are," Valentino explained. "He seemed to have suffered a bad injury, but instead he's already returned here after a few days. To begin with, he'll have to understand if he can ride. He's certainly shown that he's courageous and, if he succeeds, it'll be good for everyone."

As a rider, do you feel safe being on the track with others who aren't in perfect condition?

Like I said, you can't know everything from the outside. We thought he was going to have to stop for a long time after seeing the fall. In the end, everyone has to think for himself, it's up to you if you're injured to understand whether you can ride or not."

How about you? What do you expect from this weekend in Jerez?

I will definitely change something to try to solve my problems, but I still have to talk to the team about it. It s strange to race twice on the same circuit, but it'll be important for us, because we'll have more time to try something different. I'll have to be stronger."

Does Yamaha have engine reliability issues? What happened to your M1 last Sunday?

"I don't really know what happened, it simply fell silent, but I hope Yamaha understood the problem and it doesn't happen anymore, so we can work normally."

What's the plan?

"We'll have to change a few things, both from a technical point of view and in the way we work."

Is Munoz's poor experience in the MotoGP a limit?

I changed my team manager because I needed something different, but today's problems are very similar to those of last year. We've only had one race. We need more time and, in any case, I'm happy to have David in the garage."

On Sunday you were the only Yamaha rider that had problems. Do you feel like you're in the situation Lorenzo was in last year in Honda?

First of all, every season makes history in itself, and Jorge on the Honda didn't do that badly in the beginning, but then he started to fall and lose confidence. I'm struggling to make the tires work well, be it the cause of technique or riding style, so I need time. Also, Jerez is a track where I've always struggled in recent years. It's strange for me, and it's even harder in the heat. That said, we still need to try to improve."

Let's change the subject. What do you think of the new rule that states it's mandatory to slow down with a yellow flag?

The Race Direction wants us to pay more attention, in order to increase safety. They were worried because the riders keep pushing even when there are yellow flags. They're right from this point of view. It can be dangerous, but it does happen that we riders can't see the flags because the ride-off areas are very wide, fortunately. I think they need to make them more visible, maybe by using lit panels, like in the Formula 1."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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