Guintoli: how to transform the GSX-R into a MotoGP with new suspension

VIDEO - This time Sylvain relies on Ohlins suspension to improve the performance of his bike and the results left him speechless

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In recent months Sylvain Guintoli has turned into an expert YouTuber and, on his trusty Suzuki GSX-R, he has started to respond to the many curiosities of fans. In the latest episode of the series (you can see it above) he demonstrates how the suspension can improve your bike and, of course, your track times.

Often we look for more horsepower or to remove weight, but the 'right' front fork and mono-shock can reserve surprises that not even a rider like Guintoli would have expected.

The Suzuki MotoGP tester fitted out his GSX-R with the best from the Ohlins catalog and the results didn’t take long in coming.

"The feeling is much improved and the bike feels really planted," he commented after the first few runs. The fun then came when he started working on the setup,

"I’m not surprised with the feeling which was very good straight away, but I’m quite surprised with the lap times," Sylvain confessed.

On a short track like Mallory Park he lowered his benchmark by a second and a half, going from 54.96s on the standard bike to 53.50s on the bike kitted out with Ohlins.

The data acquisition then confirmed improvements in maximum speed, braking but above all when cornering.

Summer has begun, the tracks have reopened and Guintoli's advice will surely be very useful.



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