MotoGP, Pedrosa: "Rossi is surprising, Marquez above all others"

"Marc is good in any condition and doesn't make many mistakes. My return to racing? If KTM finds it useful, I could discuss it with them, but my situation is different from Lorenzo's."


Dani Pedrosa has remained in the hearts of fans. He had a unique and beautiful style on the track. He always stood out because of his fairness. Now that his days as a rider are over, he's chosen to be a test rider with KTM. In the Sepang winter tests, he demonstrated that he still had an iron grip but, in the last few months, he always refused the possibility of a wild card.

In an interview with DAZN Spain, Dani talked about this possibility again by opening up a window, even if just a crack.

I don't know, at the moment, but I'd say no, as a matter of principle. If KTM thinks racing is an advantage for our project, we'll talk about it," he explained.

Seeing him and Lorenzo back on track would be a dream for all fans.

The situation is very different. I don't know their motivations. If they're doing it for personal reasons, to try some material, or both. It's nice for the fans to see him race but, at the moment, it's not for me ," he emphasized. "We're trying some material on the bike, but it's not the time to do so in the race."

Pedrosa then spoke of two of his former rivals. The first was Rossi.

"Valentino is surprising. Prolonging a career like that something exceptional," he commented.

The second is his former teammate Marquez.

"Marc has a quality that makes him a champion and puts him above all others," Dani explained. "It's not his steadiness, but the fact that he's good in all circumstances: rain, cold, heat. He'll never finish 7th, everyone makes mistakes. He always remains at a high level and wins even more."

The Spaniard has always raced with Honda in his career but has expressed a preference among the different bikes he's ridden.

I've always liked the 1,000 more than the 800 ," he said. "Ducati looked for power: they annoy you when cornering, then they overtake you on the straight. Now everyone is doing the same, looking for more horsepower."

He finally then revealed a little secret about the holeshot system.

It's not on the KTM. It could be added but, at the moment, there are other priorities. They'll get to it. When I used the Showa suspensions in 2008, I  tried it. The start was better, but we lost control of the bike. It was easy to go up against another rider, and we put it aside.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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