MotoGP, Guintoli coach and telemetry wizard: here's how to go faster

VIDEO - Sylvain makes his experience available to all fans by analyzing footage and data of  track results to help  improve

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Sylvain Guintoli is quickly becoming a YouTube star thanks to his video blogs for fans. There are many amateurs who want to be able to go faster, and it's certainly better to rely on the advice of a true champion than that of an improvised rider.

Sylvain's resume is top notch, as is his helpfulness. Mike, one of his  fans sent him the video and telemetry of one of his  riding endeavors in Donington, and Guintoli analyzed it comparing them to his own.

Former SBK world champion and current tester for Suzuki in the MotoGP has turned into a coach and telemetrist, explaining to his audience how to go faster with less risk.

In the video above, you can see the analysis of the trajectories and data of a lap in Donington, but Sylvain's advice is also valuable on other tracks. A mistake of many amateurs is to have a high speed in mid-curve, therefore, penalizing the exit, and Guintoli explains how to improve.

And not only, the French rider also gave his email address ([email protected]) to which anyone can send their videos and data through Wetransfer to receive his valuable advice. We've never seen a coach like this!

Translated by Leila Myftija

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