Guintoli: The MotoGP leg dangle? Let me explain what it's for

VIDEO - The Suzuki tester has published an interesting video in which he fully explains this riding technique introduced by Valentino Rossi

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How many times have you happened to watch MotoGP riders take their inner leg off the foot-peg when braking and then put their foot back on in the final corner entry phase? It's a technique that doesn't seem at all natural, and can perhaps be considered almost a riding habit, a way to produce a show like some MX moves.

The reality is very different, because behind this technique there is the constant search for the perfect riding style, which allows you to shave tenths or even hundredths of a second off your time with each braking moment. In MotoGP they are fighting for thousandths of a second and every small advantage, even if very marginal, must be exploited to the maximum.

In this interesting video, Frenchman Sylvain Guintoli, Suzuki tester in MotoGP, explains this technique in detail, revealing among other things that it was Valentino Rossi who introduced it to the world championship, then it was imitated by all his colleagues once they understood the benefits of this particular style of braking.

Have a look at Guintoli's video, which in our opinion is very interesting and also dispels several urban legends around this riding technique.



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