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MotoGP, Agostini: Ducati, if you want to win, you have to ask Marquez permission.

"If I were in Yamaha, I would keep Vinales and take on Quartararo. Valentino Rossi? We must look to the future, not to the past. If Marquez catches up to me, he promised to invite me to a big party."

MotoGP: Agostini: Ducati, if you want to win, you have to ask Marquez permission.

Giacomo Agostini is known for saying what he thinks without mincing words. After all, he's the Grand Master of the World Championship, with 15 world titles won, and he didn't back down this time either when speaking with the Spanish rider.

"Who would I choose between Fabio Quartararo and Maverick Vinales if I were Yamaha? I'd take them both. A team needs young riders and fast riders. Yamaha has Valentino, sure, but we don't know what he'll decide to do. If I were Yamaha, I would run the risk of taking on Vinales and Quartararo. I wouldn't allow either to leave. And Valentino? You have to move forward in life, and not look back..."

When asked about Honda's choice to have Alex Marquez with his brother Marc, Ago analyzed the situation.

"It was a great opportunity for Alex. It's not every day that you get to ride an official Honda motorcycle. And, anyway, they're brothers, and they love each other very much. I'm sure Marc will help Alex. He'll teach him all the tricks of the trade. He'll be his teacher. After all, he'll have to learn on his debut. He shouldn't be obsessed with speed and the success of his brother. Nor should he listen to those who criticize him. He should focus on learning because Marc will help him a lot. But Alex will be facing a great champion: his older brother."

Mino's opinion was clear on the possibility of Lorenzo returning to Yamaha as a test rider.

"I think it's very difficult right now because, to be a development rider, you have to be very fast. The bike becomes difficult when you push it to the limit. If you go two seconds slower, you'll never have a problem."

Finally, Ago spoke of Ducati, which recently stated it was preparing a special bike to beat Marquez.

"Ducati is working hard. It definitely wants to win. But Honda also wants to win, and so do Yamaha and Suzuki. The important thing will be to ask Marquez if Ducati can win. In Borgo Panigale, they need his permission to succeed... Can he beat me? Marquez is very young, but he's has already won many times. He might one day. Marc promised me that if he beats me, he'll invite me to the party, with lots of girls and friends..."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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