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MotoGP, Forcada: "Will Rossi win again? Not a title, even a race is tough"

"I don't think he will in normal conditions. He's chosen Munoz not because he's the best technically but to shake up the garage"

MotoGP: Forcada: "Will Rossi win again? Not a title, even a race is tough"


Ramon Forcada knows Yamaha well. He was crew chief to Lorenzo, then Vinales and now Morbidelli on the Petronas team. Valentino has always been a rival in his eyes, but now that the Doctor finds himself struggling, the Spanish technician is less than optimistic about Rossi's future.

During an interview with DAZN, Forcada was asked whether Valentino is still able to win.

“A championship? No. A race? It's hard to say - he replies - It would be complicated for him to win in the dry, perhaps in a particular race, but against the youngsters that are coming up, with the speed they have, it's difficult for him to win a race in normal conditions”.

Forcada also commented on Rossi's decision to replace Galbusera with David Munoz. A young technician with no MotoGP experience.

It's obvious, Valentino is seeking motivation in making this change - he comments - Rossi wouldn't take a technician without experience if he weren't seeking motivation, and the same was true when he swapped Burgess for Galbusera in 2014”.

So for Ramon, Munoz does not mean a technical update for the Doctor, but something more human.

Seeing how it works in Yamaha, you have the freedom to test what you want. I don't think he's looking for technical improvement. Valentino wants to shake up the garage, I think there's some stagnation. How? with a young guy who has new ideas, with the will to get things done. Not because he's the best technically speaking.

Translated by Heather Watson

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