MotoGP, Miller: "KTM? It would have been too big a risk"

Jack: "Now I've reconfirmed with Ducati, I've less to worry about. Lorenzo? He's 32 and has missed half of the last two seasons"


This time he appears calm, Jack Miller now sure of his future. The Ducati awaits him again in 2020, the Australian rider having renewed his contract last week following rumours of his imminent departure.

Do I look relaxed? – he begins – I've got less to worry about now. I have to say I'm pleased to stay in Ducati and I thank Campinoti, as he really wanted me to stay with this team with a factory bike and the same goes for Guidotti. I think the team believes in me and in my chances of scoring important results”.

Yet there were still rumours regarding a possible separation.

You talk to many people of course, this is the business and you know how it works in motorsport, it's part of the game. In the end, all that counts is that I'm staying put, and proud to be here”.

There was also mention of KTM.

“I won't hide the fact I considered KTM, it's a great company and I've had a good relationship with them for a long while, particularly Pit Beirer and the guys. And I was successful with them in the past. It's not easy to find the right path, the fact is that it would have been risky to jump on that bike, and I think risks should only be taken when you are strong and can fight for the podium”.

Lastly, he touches on Lorenzo's return, the Spaniard also having been in the mix for a Ducati ride in 2020.

“What can we say about Jorge, he's a rider who's won three MotoGP titles but in the last two seasons he's missed practically half the races. He's 32 and needs to face up to the reality of the situation”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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