MotoGP, Aprilia unveils its fairing with... tray-shaped wings

PHOTO. During the Qatar tests, Bradley Smith tried a new configuration designed for tracks that require a high aerodynamic capacity


In the tests at Losail, Aprilia didn't just show off its new livery.  It was working hard at Noale, in order to catch up with its  opponents, and there's lots that's new with the RS-GP, from small details to more evident ones. This includes the new fairing that was tested for the first time today by test rider Bradley Smith.

This is a new aerodynamic configuration designed for those tracks that require a greater capacity. Albesiano and his staff opted for two sets of wings: the first mounted on the sides of the dome, the second on the sides of the fairing.

The first impression is that of very tapered and flattened spoilers, which resemble (with a touch of irony) a tray or a shelf. Logically, it's just a humorous comparison, since the profiles were carefully studied during the winter, in order to maximize their effectiveness.

As was mentioned, the new fairing was brought on the track only by Smith, for now.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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