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MotoGP, Marquez:"Go to Yamaha? No, I'm happy in Honda"

Marc answers fans questions live on Instagram: "I'll try to be in Malaysia for testing, but I definitely won't be 100%"

MotoGP: Marquez:"Go to Yamaha? No, I'm happy in Honda"


A convalescing Marc Marquez has replied to fans questions during a live session on Instagram. The Spaniard, wearing the brace he's had since his shoulder surgery, decided to wish his followers a happy Christmas by replying to some of them directly .

There were those who asked about his health and others who wondered how he will spend the holidays, Marquez carefully selected the questions, carefully side stepping anything regarding his on-track rivals and thus avoiding any controversy.

He was also asked about his decision to stay with Honda for the next two years. The fan asked whether he had had the chance to move to Yamaha and Marquez was clear in his reply.

"I'm good with Honda, I don't want the Yamaha. For now I'm not changing, many said I would move last year but I'm good with Honda".

The Spanish champion also explained how his recovery is going following the recent shoulder surgery, underlining the fact that he is doing all he can to be there in Malaysia for testing, the session that will open the 2019 season.


"I'm getting better, I can move the shoulder a little. It hurts, but I'm getting there bit by bit. I'm doing two sessions per day with the physio in order to try and get to Malaysia, but I have little strength and am still suffering. I won't be 100% but it's important to be there to get to know the bike and prepare for the 2019 race".

Marquez does not have any particularly wishes for Christmas, other than to be back in shape as soon as possible.

"What would I like from Santa? To get well soon. This is a gift I would really like. I haven't asked my family for anything. I'm pleased I don't need anything else, I just want to be back in shape. It will take time and it's difficult".

The Honda rider even moved his arm slightly to prove to fans that he is in fact OK.

"Look, I can move my arm a little. It hurts, but I'll move it for you, there". 

Many Malaysian fans were keen to ask questions, and Marquez replied to one about their local hero Syahrin, who completed a solid first season in MotoGP. 

"Last year he ran a very good race in Malaysia, I think he started last and finished tenth, amazing. I already saw in testing that he could be quick, I always thought he could be fast in MotoGP".

Others wanted to know how he would spend the holidays, aside from his physio sessions, and Marquez explained, politely turning down an invitation from two fans who said they would be happy to host him in France and Andorra.

"Come to France for the holidays? I can't because I want to be with my family in Spain, with my friends. I don't see a lot of them during the year, so I always spend this time with them each year. I'd like to go skiing in Andorra but I can't risk it in my current physical condition".

The Spaniard then revealed that, despite his numerous world titles, he does not have a road bike, nor a licence to ride one.

"What bikes do I own? I don't even have a licence to ride bikes. I'm not joking, it's true! I need to get one in the future, it would be useful to have".

Marquez closed with a Christmas message for his fans.

"I'll see you soon, I hope to do another live session on Instagram as I like spending time with you guys. Merry Christmas everyone, have a peaceful holiday season with your loved once and have fun. Happy Christmas".

Translated by Heather Watson

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