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Moto2, Ezpeleta seeks a seat for Fenati

The Dorna boss wanted to see Romano back on track at Motegi. The FIM takes the soft line: the rider to be a safety ambassador

Moto2: Ezpeleta seeks a seat for Fenati

President Vito Ippolito had said so just a few days ago in an interview with us: “the FIM won't crucify Fenati”. Today, Romano was at the HQ of the International Motorcycling Federation in Geneva, Switzerland for a hearing regarding the events of Misano, where the Italian pulled on rival Manzi's brake during the race.

The FIM Stewards Panel had already punished Fenati, disqualifying him for two races, as well as giving him the black flag at Misano, but the Federation nevertheless wanted to speak to the rider directly. Former president Zerbi, during his term, ensured it was possible for the FIM to intervene at any time regarding any case.

The aim of today's meeting with to gain a clearer picture of the facts. No official communication was issued at the end of the meeting, but from what we know the Federation has decided to use Fenati in a campaign to promote motorcycle racing and safety on track.

A sort of “community service” if you will, to teach Romano a lesson and, at the same time, to rebuild his image.

Also working on this front is Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta, who is keen to have Fenati back on track as soon as possible. The Spanish CEO actually wanted Romano to compete at the Motegi GP, or rather the first round after his period of disqualification.

But it's not that simple, because team Snipers has already fired Fenati (with Xavier Cardelus already hired to replace him for the rest of the season) and there are no other seats available right now.

Ezpeleta has nevertheless made it clear that he wants Fenati back in the championship and that he will find a solution. On the one hand, the move would help to rebuild the Italian's image. On the other, Romano's return would have significant media impact.

There are 4 rounds remaining (following the disqualification period), we'll see whether Fenati is given a second chance already this season.

Translated by Heather Watson

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