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MotoGP, Márquez: I set my heart aside and used my head

"I started with the idea of winning, but the Ducatis were stronger in acceleration and braking, plus Rossi was behind. Important upgrades in the tests"

MotoGP: Márquez: I set my heart aside and used my head

Marc Márquez the accountant, Czech Republic edition. Number 93's hundredth race Sunday can be summed up this way. After seeking the win, the rider did not risk finishing the race behind the Ducati duo, but instead decided to reinforce his championship lead. “It was not easy to overtake the Ducatis – he began his explanation - given their great acceleration and braking. I did not start with an accountant's mentality, but to win. I battled with them, but when the moment of truth came, I had to settle for the podium. This is also because Dovizioso and Lorenzo are battling for the title, but they are still far off, whereas I knew that Valentino is behind.”

It is a mantra that Marc repeats, almost to convince himself.

"This track is not easy for Honda. Last year I struggled more than this year, but I won thanks to the flag-to-flag. I always try to win, but if that is not possible, I aim for the podium. Finishing the race is fundamental and we took our worst results of the season today, not counting the crashes. Jorge braked a lot, but in some points I emulated him and did better, but I struggled a bit on the right side, so I had to use my experience and when he closed the door on me  on the number ten turn I preferred to let him go.”

Marc analysed the final stages of the race, admitting that the duel with the Ducati riders would have been too risky

“Today the duel with Dovizioso and Lorenzo would have been more a battle of the heart than one of the head. In any case, all of this is part of racing and I also try any way I can to win when I have the opportunity. The race pace is slower because we are often all very close and that leads to not pushing. The hard compound? We can't complain, partly because the compounds to use in the race change from track to track."

There will be tests for the Spaniard tomorrow too and they will be ahead of the difficult Austrian round.

“I don't think that we will be at a particular disadvantage in Austria. We are going to that track with a positive mind set. I feel good with the bike and tomorrow we have a test where we will test some important upgrades for the second part of the season.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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