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MotoGP, Viñales disappointed: "Missed the chance to make a play for the win”

Maverick: “Unfortunately, in the early laps I struggled, but the Yamaha is getting back to being the bike I was introduced to at the start of 2017”

MotoGP: Viñales disappointed: "Missed the chance to make a play for the win”

He came out in the finale, overtaking the others and finishing on the bottom step of the podium about a half a second behind Valentino Rossi. It was a bitter sweet race on the Sachsenring for Maverick Viñales: in fact, on one hand, there is satisfaction in the result, but on the other, there is disappointment for the difficulties encountered in the first half.

“This third place is a good result – the Spanish rider said – especially after the difficulties encountered a year ago here in Germany. The fact is that I did not expect to be so far back at the start. Unfortunately, I am still unable to take full advantage of the new tyre’s potential as I would like to.”

Tyres aside, there was also a comment about the electronics.

“Along with the team, we managed to find a good balance, but we need to improve the electronics. Right now, I am taking advantage of my riding style to overcome the difficulties, although I am still convinced that I missed a good chance to aim for the win today.”

However, Maverick is trying to see the glass half full.

“Let’s say that I am rediscovering the M1 that I had become accustomed to at the start of last year. In fact, when there are some problems, a few changes are enough to find the most suitable solutions. Unfortunately, in the race I struggled too much in the early laps, where I was unable to overtake the Ducatis, whereas in the finale I felt strong and competitive as I wanted to be.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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