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MotoGP, Zarco: "Spencer can't make decisions. He needs to be sent away."

"With the other riders we are looking for a way to change things and put the right people in the race direction. The incident with Espargaro? It's a race episode. I'm not asking for a penalty for him. He just came too hot."

MotoGP: Zarco:

First a contact with Acosta at the start, then, just a handful of laps later, the final crash that eliminated him from the Jerez GP following a close encounter with Espargaro's Aprilia. For Johann Zarco, the Iberian Sunday was one to forget, and in addition ended with plenty of sparks with the stewards in race direction.

"Aleix came a little bit wide at Turn 5, tried to control, but eventually he lost the front and hit me. I can't blame him, as I don't have any. The possible penalty? It doesn't change anything for me. He claims I was too aggressive because we passed each other a few times. In my opinion it was a good battle, although he disagrees with me. This does not surprise me because he is often critical of other riders. I personally have nothing to say about this episode, he simply braked late, and as far as I am concerned I am used to battling even for backward positions, because races are like that. At the moment I don't have a bike to fight for the podium, so if I can go after some points I do," his outburst.

About the collision with Pedro, on the other hand, the Honda LCR holder explained, "Again at Turn 5 he came very fast and wide, I had an advantage on the exit and we both managed to save ourselves. The same thing happened between Morbidelli and Miller and they ended up on the ground, while the one between Marquez, who had marks on his suit, and Bagnaia went well because they pulled the bike up. What they did was magical, also because they were going for the win."

From the track to the offices, the issue of the day soon caught fire. "Among the stewards was Freddie Spencer. He was looking at me as if he wanted to know from me what decision should be made. He wanted me to complain about Espargaro. At that point I told him I was not the right person for the job, because he is not in a position to evaluate. Things need to be changed, as Binder's action yesterday needed to be sanctioned. Pecco pulled the bike up and hit Bezzecchi. Being in three Brad knew what he was risking. With the other riders we are organizing to make sure we have someone who can make the decision. What happened today in the race was unfortunate. The point of the episode was not the best, but we are both okay - he argued, dismissing the clash with the Aprilia's Iberian as a race incident - What happened after , however, is negative. I repeat. Spencer is not in the right place. How did they react to my words? They sent me away claiming that I was nervous."





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