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Moto2, John Hopkins: "Joe Roberts has the talent and experience to make it to MotoGP."

"The sport needs another American, if he has the right confidence this year he can win the title in Moto 2 or finish in the top 3, this could guarantee him entry into MotoGP."

Moto2: John Hopkins:

At the end of the fourth round at Jerez, the American racing world glimpsed a glimmer of light after years of oblivion in the world championships. We are referring, of course, to the leadership in Moto2 gained by Joe Roberts, the first American in many years to be at the top of a world ranking, with 69 points and three consecutive podiums to his credit, and now in the hunt for his first victory.

Alongside the young Californian, proving that in order to grow, talent also and above all needs to be guided, we can find John Hopkins, one of the last major American riders in the premier class, who, having divested himself of his rider's trappings, now wears those of Coach and Race director for the Onlyfans team in Moto2. The arrival of an American rider in MotoGP had been talked about in recent years, but at the time Roberts turned down the opportunity. Now the time seems to be ripe, however, and of that opinion is John Hopkins himself, who is firmly convinced of his protégé's talent and potential.

"I really believe that Joe can win the Moto2 World Championship. He's talented, there's no doubt about it, and he has the experience now, he just has to gain confidence. If he can believe in himself enough, I really believe he can win the title this year," he said at Jerez.

The history of motorcycle racing is studded with success for Americans, the names inscribed in the roll of legends of the sport are known to all, riders who made up an entire generation in the premier class dominating championships for years and years. The achievement of the US rider of the Onlyfans American racing team could therefore not have come at a better time, with the arrival of Justin Marks' Trackhouse team in MotoGP as an Aprilia satellite team on the one hand, and the majority takeover by Liberty Media on the other. Indeed, the 26-year-old from Los Angeles is holding his own against the various Boscoscuros in the standings, and his arrival in MotoGP would represent a huge opportunity to grow the sport's popularity in the US market.

"I think he can finish in the top three in the championship," Hopkins continued, "which could guarantee him a spot in MotoGP. I think the sport needs another American, and he is the only one who can achieve that for at least the next two years."

Whether the stars will then have a chance to align, only the future will tell, but it is clear that the possibility of seeing an American in MotoGP again from every which way you look at it has never been brighter, whether we are talking about communication with Liberty Media, management or key men in designated positions such as Davide Brivio's return right to Trackhouse. All eyes and spotlights are therefore on the upcoming Moto2 races.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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