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Bereavement in the bike world: Eric Geboers drowns

The five-time MX champion was found dead this morning, having jumped into lake Miramar to rescue his dog

News: Bereavement in the bike world: Eric Geboers drowns

It should have been a relaxing Sunday, out boating with friends on the artificial Miramar lake, close to Mol in Belgium. Instead it became a tragic day, one which cost Eric Geboers his life. In trying to rescue his dog, the former MX rider jumped into the freezing water and failed to emerge.

At around 10pm, his friends raised the alarm, but there was no trace. Only in the early hours of this morning was Geboers' body found.

In Belgium, the rider was symbolic of MX, even given the nickname “Killer Kid”. He was the first rider in history to win in all championship classes, or rather 125, 250 and 500, scoring a total of five titles throughout his career. After retiring in 1990, he took part in the Endurance FIA GT series. He later returned to the MX world, taking on the role of team manager for Suzuki, and following riders Clément Desalle and Steve Ramon.   


Translated by Heather Watson

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