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SBK, No stopping for KTM as it prepares to enter the SuperSport World Championships

EXCLUSIVE - The Austrian manufacturer is working on the new project in Superbike so much so that talks with Dorna and FIM have been going on for months, and in Barcelona there was the latest meeting. On the table a test is already scheduled.

SBK: No stopping for KTM as it prepares to enter the SuperSport World Championships

KTM is undoubtedly one of the most flourishing realities in the two-wheel motorsport scene, so much so that the Austrian manufacturer has been expressing itself for years at the highest levels between MotoGP, motocross and Rally Raid. Within SBK, on the other hand, its commitment is aimed at the SuperSport300 class with the Freudenberg team, which for the occasion is fielding a pair of riders made up of Buis and Tonn. A challenge that to date sees the team currently losing out to the opposition, represented by Kawasaki and Yamaha.

Nevertheless in Austria they have not the slightest intention of throwing in the towel in the world of production-derived motorcycles, quite the contrary... According to what we have learnt, KTM is in fact considering entering World SuperSport with an innovative project, thus seeking to relaunch its commitment in the Superbike paddock.

In fact, talks with Dorna and FIM have been going on for months, so much so that Mike Leitner was even present in Barcelona. As is well-known, since November 2021, the manager has become an external consultant for the Austrian manufacturer, after handing over the baton to Francesco Guidotti.

Whether 2025 will be the year of KTM's arrival in SuperSport is still unknown, what we do know, however, is that in Austria they are already planning a test with the new bike, which will most likely be held on one of the upcoming BSB weekends. Then again, the choice is understandable, if we consider that in the British Championship the configuration is the same as what can be found in the World Championship without forgetting the tires and fuel used.

The bike we should see on the track - but the conditional is a must - should be the RC990, i.e. the sister of the RC8C, which adopts the twin-cylinder engine already seen on the Duke R but with increased displacement and a horsepower output of around 135-145 hp. In this regard, one of the issues is undoubtedly the regulation, in fact this is what is being discussed with FIM and Dorna, since the twin-cylinder can get up to 960 cc maximum displacement in SuperSport. It remains to be seen if, to allow KTM to enter, a reappraisal will be made in this regard thus offering greater openness.

All theat remains to do therefore is wait and see how the situation will evolve with KTM, which is ready for new challenges bearing the name of SuperSport.


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