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MotoGP, Iannone: It had become impossible to ride

Andrea explains: "From the first laps I had problems with my arm, the rain leathers cut off my circulation. It's a pity to have wasted a favourable situation"

MotoGP: Iannone: It had become impossible to ride

The arrival of the rain seemed to be an ally for Andrea Iannone, sixth in warm up but reckoning with a weekend that was anything but easy. However, things went very differently, but for a completely unexpected reason. Actually, this morning was very positive in warm up the maniac explains – and my confidence in the bike was really good. The team had set up a rather fast bike for me and I was quite confident. It’s a pity that we were unable to take advantage of this opportunity since in the dry I was having much more difficulty, but unfortunately, already from the third lap my right arm began to lock up and swell and that kept me from braking and accelerating correctly.”

And unusual problem, but one for which number 29 seems to have found the cause.

“Toward the end I really struggled a lot and I wasn’t even able to pull the brake lever because I had no more feeling, so I had to stop. I am really sorry for Suzuki and for everyone who works hard with me and for me every weekend. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before in my career and in fifteen years, I think this is the first time I’ve retired because of physical problems. The rain leathers were very tight and they cut off my circulation in my armpit, making the entire arm swell up and lose feeling. On turn 4 I went straight on twice because of that, so in the end I decided to stop.”

Now at least the Italian has the tests right here in Misano tomorrow, where he can try to find that step forward in view of Aragon and the remaining races of the season.

“Tomorrow we’ll work on just about everything. During the weekend we tried the new frame which we need to confirm and with which I had slightly better sensations. Step by step, we are definitely moving in the right direction and now a lot of other material is on the way to develop and test.”

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