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SBK, Iannone: "I'm making up for lost years, but doing it all at once is not easy"

"I'm trying hard and I'm sorry about the crash, because I had a strong start and I was there to play for it. It's unfortunate, but in these conditions often the one who is fastest doesn't win, but the one who has the most luck."

SBK: Iannone:

The first heat of the weekend in Assen ended prematurely for Andrea Iannone, who ended up on the ground during the fourth lap of the race. A fall that regrets the Abruzzo rider, competitive since the first laps of a race in which he could have played for a place on the podium.

"In terms of speed, it was a positive day: we were very fast and everything was going very well. The problem is that with these conditions it's a jackpot and often it's not who's fastest that wins, but whoever has the most luck. We were a little bit unlucky and in the end that's how it went ," commented The Maniac hotly, recounting the dynamics of the crash: "Unfortunately, I moved a little bit to the outside after Alvaro overtook me, because I didn't want to wet the front tire with the water raised by the riders in front of me, however, I touched the white line right away. Also because I think Alvaro also went a little bit wide."

A bitter epilogue, but one that is part of Iannone's path to regain the automatisms and experience, with which to deal with all kinds of situations in this his first year among the production derivatives.

"It's a fall that weighs a lot, because it's another race where we were there to play for it and I had a very strong start. The truth is that I'm making up for the years I've lost, and making up for it all together is not easy, but I'm trying hard ," stressed the rider from Vasto. "I' m sorry for today and I apologize to the team and all the guys.

Starting again with a satellite team, after four years away from competition, is a big challenge, but Andrea and the Go Eleven team are doing their best to succeed .

"In qualifying we didn't set the perfect lap, because not having references we find ourselves starting in the wet in situations where we have never tried. Sometimes it's also a matter of luck, and in qualifying, for example, we were okay with the electronics in the wet, but when the track dried out, and you could go harder, I didn't have the right push and I was losing a lot of time in acceleration. These are all things we can't know beforehand, but we understand when they happen to us. In normal situations, however, the competitiveness is there and I'm happy about that , " the 34-year-old noted, " I feel very competitive and it's a shame to end the races like this. We need to improve some things in all aspects, including at the team level, but slowly we will get there. It is not that an official team is better because it is official, but because there are more people so many things can be done sooner. We are 6 or 7 in the box and we try to do our best and give 100 percent . Tomorrow we will try to make up for it and see where we can end the weekend, hoping to find wet or dry weather, because these conditions are dangerous."

Everything is complicated with a dancing weather like the one in Assen, so the Abruzzese puts forward a proposal to try to make life easier for the riders.

"For the future we will have to evaluate well whether to delay the start a little bit when there are these conditions, because we knew that in ten minutes it would start raining. Maybe we could postpone the start by 20 minutes, start with a wet race and then change the tires at the end. It would have had a whole different flavor and maybe even been a little safer," Andrea remarked, " There are so many mechanisms and so many things to respect, but in hindsight it could have been an idea, since after the start it started to rain more than when we were on the grid.


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