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SBK, Iannone: "To win I need extra help from Ducati, Dall'Igna knows"

"If I were fighting for 15th position I would have retired by now, but I know what I can give and it only takes that little bit more to make a difference and be 100 percent, which we are not yet. Today I did the mappings while I was on the grid."

SBK: Iannone:

A Sunday with a double face that of Assen for Andrea Iannone. In the morning, the Go Eleven rider had to deal with unexpected tire wear, so much so that he finished outside the top ten. In the afternoon, however, he entered the track with the knife between his teeth, hungry for redemption, managing to climb back up to fourth place.

So hats off to the super performance of The Maniac, once again in close contact with the top positions despite a crazy weekend due to the weather.

"With an entirely dry session we would have been on the podium ," Andrea began , "today, on the grid, I had to change the map, traction and everything else. I did the tests the moment I went on the grid to line up. The fact is that I had no data to base it on and I could only do everything at the last. In the end, though, we were able to do a good job, considering I don't have a history to focus on. This morning, in Superpole Race, I ran out of tire after a few laps, while this afternoon I managed to make a good comeback."

Andrea then tries to draw a quick balance after the first three rounds.
"I think I can win, but I need to work and try more. At the moment my bike is not 100 percent, especially in terms of electronics. Obviously we will work ahead of Misano and Cremona to be ready and try to be more competitive."

Andrea is then asked why he did not use data from the other Ducati riders?
"Bulega has a completely different style from mine. To date my style is closer to Alvaro's, but he had a different set-up than mine, since he weighs 20kg less. More or less our style is similar, because that is what comes from MotoGP, but there are different aspects."

Iannone then sends a message to Ducati.
"I need something more and Ducati knows that. I talked to Domenicali, Dall'Igna and Zambenedetti to explain my situation. Right now I am missing that last detail that can make the difference. Inside I have the knowledge of where I am and what I can give. If I were fighting for 15th position I would have retired by now or given my bike to a young man, but that is not the case."

The balance of the Dutch weekend thus leaves a bittersweet aftertaste.
"Here I could have done much more than in Barcelona, but because of the weather and the lack of data it was not possible. Unfortunately, we did not collect what we could have, because we could have aspired to more. I feel sorry for myself and my whole team. Yesterday I made a mistake and I take all the responsibility, in fact I went on the wet curb finishing on the ground. Nevertheless, we have to be happy to be so close to Alvaro. I raced today with the same approach as in Barcelona and on many fronts we were not right."

To conclude, Andrea hopes to get feedback from the Borgo Panigale factory.
"In Ducati everyone loves me and I am convinced they will help me, because I know their potential. I feel pampered and I'm not complaining. For now I ask, then we'll see."

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