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SBK, Andrea Iannone: look at my eyes! A message to Dall'Igna and Ducati.

THE ANALYSIS - Andrea is surprising in this Superbike, but The Maniac needs more and he made that clear in Assen at the end of Race 2. What does Andrea need? And what will Ducati do to satisfy him?

SBK: Andrea Iannone: look at my eyes! A message to Dall'Igna and Ducati.

On the eve of the Phillip Island round, Andrea Iannone was very honest in expounding a concept about the way he is and experiences racing: "I know I am not an easy person and I often drain other people's energy more than my own ," he told us, " but if I do it is because I want everyone next to me to put 150 percent of what they do when they are on the track, just like me. Then again, we can well understand Andrea, because his is for all intents and purposes a winner's mentality, one of those who is never satisfied and tends to raise the 'bar every time.

In these first three rounds of the World Superbike Championship, the Go Eleven bearer has surprised us not a little between near victories, podiums and placings in close contact with the top. Looking at the standings and his performance and glaring: in every situation The Maniac has always been around the top of the class even when he ended up on the ground as happened to in Race 2 in Barcelona and Race 1 in Assen.

His is a crystal-clear talent and Petrucci himself defined it without mincing words when analyzing his T2 in Australia: "Andrea amazes me, he is someone who throws the bike in without fear, managing to make a difference."

That preamble having been made regarding what are the qualities of Andrea, in Assen The Maniac found himself dealing with the classic race weekend, without any tests preceding it as happened in Barcelona and Phillip Island. For him it was a weekend all about chasing, also accomplice to the unstable weather conditions between rain, wind and cold: "Unfortunately, not having a history to work on, in Race 2 we made the mappings on the grid, as well as traction and everything else, at the last minute."

That was the starting point for The Maniac's cry for help, bitter that he did not collect as much as he really could have: "Right now my bike is not 100 percent," he said, " I need something more from Ducati and they know that. We are only six people in the box, unlike the factory team. I talked to Domenicali, Dall'Igna and Zambenedetti to explain my situation. Right now I am missing that last detail that can make a difference. In Ducati I know that everyone loves me and I hope they will come to me."

As of today, within the Go Eleven team, Andrea has at his disposal a factory bike, an analyst provided by the company itself as well as the complete Ohlins package complete with a technician to back him up. The focal point, however, remains the electronics, that is, that aspect in which Andrea seems to suffer comparison in terms of speed, consequently demanding more effort from Ducati and Dall'Igna as if he were a sort of third factory rider on par with Bautista or Bulega despite the different colors he wears. This is not a technical detail, as may be the saddle he will try in Cremona in the upcoming tests, but a process designed to develop the driving force of the Rossa towards his direction on the electronics front in terms of immediacy and speed.

How and how much Ducati will want to satisfy him this is unknown. Indeed, the next move will fall to Gigi Dall'Igna and Claudio Domenicali. Andrea did send out a shout, however, stating Sunday afternoon, "Inside I have an awareness of where I am and what I can give. If I were fighting for 15th position, I would have already retired or given my bike to a young man, but that is not the case."

His is a clear message and we can translate it to you in our opinion in simple words, as if to say, "dear Ducati, if you meet what I ask of you, I can get to victory and taken I will prove it to you." About Andrea's talent, his explosiveness, instinct and determination, we do not harbor the slightest doubt.

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