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MotoGP, Dall’Igna: Dovizioso, a victory won with experience and interpretation

"The bike may not have the same top speed as last season, but now it is more balanced. Lorenzo? He had the wrong strategy"

MotoGP: Dall’Igna: Dovizioso, a victory won with experience and interpretation


The genius of Gigi Dall’Igna is also part of the triumph of Ducati and Andrea Dovizioso at the Red Bull Ring. The engineer from Borgo Panigale hit the mark once again and his celebration at the end of the race is synonymous with a calibrated job that bore its fruit.

“This track has always been one where we have done well – he began – In Austria, you have to brake hard and the engine counts for a lot. This year, Marquez took an important step forward – he reminded – so that made life difficult for everyone. Fortunately, we were able to bring this win home.”

Compared with 2016, the Reds’ lower top speed is clear.

Last year, there was a significant difference in terms of speed – he explained – Personally, I expected a step forward from Honda and Yamaha from this point of view, whereas unfortunately we were unable to replicate, therefore not maintaining the advantage that we had before. Our bike is balanced now – he commented – managing to improve it in the most critical aspect from last year.”

If they are celebrating in Borgo Panigale because of Dovizioso’s success, a touch of disappointment is not lacking in Lorenzo’s fourth place.

“I am very enthusiastic about Jorge – Dall’Igna said – He had the wrong strategy (Dovi’s was definitely better), but Jorge needs to take advantage of his qualities. Remove the weapon of running away at the front could be counterproductive right now – he warned – In any case, I think that his race is important in terms of motivation and morale. After all, he finished just a shout from the leaders and I am happy.”

This MotoGP championship is certainly getting closer to Formula 1. Not only in terms of the flag-to-flag, but also in terms of tyre management.

Modern MotoGP is characterized by a lot of details – Dall’Igna said – consequently, choosing the most appropriate strategy is fundamental for winning.”

So the question is, on which track will we be able to see the Reds shining brightly again? Dall’Igna, however, prefers to remain tight-lipped.

Everyone works on their own shortcomings, including our adversaries – the engineer pointed out – in Barcelona in 2016 we were 40 seconds behind, whereas this year we managed to win. I can say that we can rely on a more balanced package and that we have some things in mind for the season finale.”

One thing is certain: that bike that only Stoner seemed able to ride is by now a distant memory.

“I think that today’s Ducati is no longer the one from a few years ago – Dall’Igna concluded – The performances of Petrucci, Jorge and Bautista confirm that.  Andrea has more experience with the Ducati, so he knows how to interpret it the best and all of this pays off.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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