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MotoGP, Lorenzo, to test the Mercedes F1 at Silverstone

THE PRECEDENT. Jorge like Rossi and Biaggi. On Sunday he will test the single-seater with which Lewis Hamilton won the title in 2014

Mick Doohan testing F1 car fw20 1998 Circuit de Catalunya
Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube


Driving a Formula 1 is a dream for many drivers, and motorcycle riders, and Jorge Lorenzo will have the chance to do just that on Sunday. Thanks to sponsor Monster, the Majorcan will climb aboard the Mercedes F1 and will have the entire Silverstone track to himself.

Lorenzo won't be driving the car used by Hamilton this season, but the W05 that Lewis won the world title with in 2014.

Jorge is a massive car fan and just two years ago he took part in the Gulf 12 Hours in Abu Dhabi, winning his calss with a Ferrari. In 2010, he came 2nd in the Alcaniz 500 Km driving an Abarth 500.

So the Spaniard knows what he's doing with a steering wheel, a 'vice' shared by other illustrious colleagues of his. Starting with his friend Max Biaggi, who had tested two F1 cars in the past, driving the Ferrari at Maranello in 1999, and the Toyota powered Midland during a three-day test at Silverstone in 2006.

Without forgetting his team-mate Valentino, who came close to becoming an F1 driving and tested the Ferrari at both Fiorano and Mugello.

In 1998, Mick Doohan drove the Williams at Barcelona. Here below is a video documenting that very day.

And lastly, we have Sheene, Lucchinelli and Uncini with the Brabham at the Paul Ricard. To tell us about that day, or rather the evening before, we have our very own Paolo Scalera (you can find it HERE) who was present.

The riders may only have eyes for their bikes, but we'll forgive them for having their heads turned from time to time.

Translated by Heather Watson

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