MotoGP, Daniel Ricciardo drinks from a shoe like Jack Miller

"He won, I didn't, but it was my 100th GP race. I did it in his honour. It is a typical Australian thing, they call it 'shoey'"

Daniel Ricciardo parla di Jack Miller
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Yesterday Daniel Ricciardo celebrated his podium at Hockenheim drinking champagne from a shoe. A gesture that you will remember Jack Miller doing recently after his first career MotoGP win at Assen.

"It is a tradition for Australian riders. If you remember, Jack Miller did it too after he won at Assen. I had promised that I would also do it as soon as I won a race, but the podium today in my one hundredth GP race will do just fine. This is a something we call  a'shoey'. "





Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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