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MotoGP, Guidotti: Ducati isn't winning? The riders make the difference

GPONECAR. "There were missed opportunities". Biaggi to coach Lorenzo? "It could be the right choice"

Francesco Guidotti sulla GPOneCar
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On the way to Assen, Francesco Guidotti got into our GPOneCar. The Pramac team manager – picked up directly at the Amsterdam airport – spoke freely on many issues, beginning with the rumours that have the team looking at Japan.

We’ll speak with Ducati for the future and there is a possibility of collaboration with Suzuki. We are making our assessments”, he confirmed.

Ducati was at the centre of the conversation and Francesco defended them.

The episodes in the first four races had an impact on the atmosphere and marred the beginning of the season. I don’t see it as worse than last year, where there was a surprise factor. The technical situation allowed for better results.”

However, he did not miss the opportunity to rap Dovizioso and Iannone’s knuckles.

The two Andreas need to do some soul-searching, because if an ex-rider or a rider who arrives on the scene after months attract attention – he said – When you are on an official team you need to win when the conditions are in place to be able to do so. You need to seize the right opportunities and they didn’t do that. Ducati is still not at the level to win consistently, but on some tracks a win was feasible. The difference is made by the person in the saddle.”

The future of the Rossa is connected to Jorge.

Lorenzo made some in depth assessments before choosing, but I’m sure he was influenced by Stoner’s opinion when he spoke with him.

For some time there has even been talk of Biaggi working with him as a coach, a bit like what Cadalora does for Valentino.

“If you get the right person and are able to establish a rapport of trust, from the outside different things can be seen. The first person that comes to mind for Lorenzo is Max. It could be the right thing”, his opinion.


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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