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SBK, Iannone: "We need to make some changes on the Ducati"

Andrea out of the top ten on the first test day in Barcelona: "The sensations aren't bad, but we still need some improvements on the bike"

SBK: Iannone:

Andrea Iannone finished the first day of testing in Barcelona in 11th position. The Go Eleven rider came in a second and a half from Bulega, but he didn't use the SCQ to chase a lap time.

It was his first time in Barcelona with the Superbike, despite having rode a few months ago with the V4S. Obviously, there's work to be done to close the gap with the fastest riders. "Today, the track was in suboptimal conditions at the beginning," he said- "As a result, it was very complex to turn. We didn't do set-up tests but, by analyzing the data collected, tomorrow we'll try to realize some changes."

Andrea then tried to see the glass half full: "The sensations aren't bad. We still need some improvements. We're several days away from the race, and we have plenty of time to work on it. As always, I thank the team and the whole work group."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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