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MotoGP, Davide Brivio: "the challenge will be to make life difficult for Ducati"

“In Trackhouse there is a lot of enthusiasm and desire to be innovative and we will see what we can bring from American sport to MotoGP. We will work together with Rivola and Aprilia"

MotoGP: Davide Brivio:

Having concluded his stint in F1 with Alpine, Davide Brivio returns to the world of MotoGP, as Team Principal of the newly formed Trackhouse Racing team. An exciting challenge for the manager from Brianza, ready to put all his experience at the service of Justin Marks' team and Aprilia, of which the American team is a satellite team.

“F1 was a great experience for me from a professional point of view. Honestly, it didn't go as I would have liked, but I had the chance to see how such a large organization works. I learned a few new things and we'll see if there is something that can be useful to me in this new experience in MotoGP", said Brivio during an interview with Sky Sport.

A major protagonist in the NASCAR panorama, the Trackhouse team made it clear from the beginning that it was not coming to MotoGP to play the role of an extra. Marks' team aims to reach the top, continuing to follow its vocation and its singular approach to the world of motorsport.

“For me it will be the first time in an independent team, but this one is a bit different from the others. Not only because they are Americans, but because they have a lot of enthusiasm and the desire to be innovative - commented Davide - I have been to their headquarters and it is a fantastic reality. The American world has always fascinated me and it will be nice to see what we can bring from their sport to the European one and if there will be something in NASCAR that we can draw inspiration from for MotoGP and vice versa. It could be two worlds that meet and intersect and I think it's positive for everyone."

The Italian will therefore work closely with both the American parent company and Aprilia, to create a team that is immediately competitive.

“There will be a great collaboration with Aprilia and I think we will work a lot together with Massimo Rivola, but he is the one who manages Aprilia and brought it to where it is, so we will try to be useful to each other and create a strong team. I believe that our two riders, Miguel Oliveira and Raul Fernandez, are very talented and we will try to fully exploit their potential, given that last year they were unable to take advantage of everything they could give” he observed, charting the way forward: “Ducati has confirmed the great competitiveness it has achieved and the work that Aprilia must do is to try to get closer and counteract this domination. I see a very active Aprilia, especially from an aerodynamic point of view. They have a completely new bike, which might bring some problems at the beginning, but it seems to have great potential. The challenge is to get in among the Ducatis and try to make their life difficult. This is what Aprilia and KTM will try to do, while the Japanese will try to grow. They will all be on the attack on Ducati, even if it won't be easy."


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