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MotoGP, Barana: “The difference between the new and old Ducati will be bigger than in 2023”

The Technical Director of Ducati Corse illustrates what will differentiate the Desmosedici GP24 from the GP23 entrusted to Marquez: “We have worked on all fronts. The 2024 bike will have a more high-performance engine and a new aerodynamic package"

MotoGP: Barana: “The difference between the new and old Ducati will be bigger than in 2023”

Evolution at Ducati never stops. Precisely for this reason, despite having already won everything there was to win for two consecutive years, the Borgo Panigale manufacturer has been working hard on its Desmosedici, to field an even more high-performance Rossa in 2024. Although the latest MotoGP developed by Ducati is a refined and not revolutionized version of the bike taken to the world title by Francesco Bagnaia in 2023, there have been many improvements made to his beast by the Bologna-based manufacturer, who expects a decisive step forward compared to last season.

“I believe that the difference between the GP24 and the GP23 will be bigger than that between the GP23 and the GP22,” Ducati Corse Technical Director Davide Barana revealed to Marca, before explaining in more detail the areas in which the development of the Ducati for 2024: “We worked on all fronts, because a motorcycle is made up of many elements. Performance depends on a set of things, not just one, and we continue with this philosophy. For next year we will have a better engine, with a little more power. Obviously, after ten years of stable regulations, it is always difficult to find a few more horsepower. But we try every year and this year we have got a good package, also thanks to the introduction of new fuels."

The Rossa's new engine has already given positive feedback on the day of testing carried out in November in Valencia and promises to be an advancement from every point of view.

“We were very careful to maintain the driveability of the engine, because last year we struggled a bit at the beginning to recover that of the old engine. This is why we brought the new engine to Valencia, but we worked a lot on the calibration. We carried out some tests which went well because Pecco and the other riders were happy and noticed the increase in performance and handling equal, if not superior, to the previous one - underlined Gigi Dall'Igna's right-hand man - We must be cautious because Valencia is a very particular track, with a lot of grip, but at least we left the circuit with optimism and a smile."

More powerful engine and new aerodynamics on the GP24

The most obvious improvement will be on the power front, but the Ducati will in any case not reach 370 km/h. “To reach almost ten km/h more you need dozens of horsepower. Furthermore, the maximum speed depends on power, but also on aerodynamics. Having a lot of surface area to create downforce will cost more in terms of top speed. But there are also other factors, which is why we need to find a balance", explained the engineer from Verona.

In fact, engine performance will not be the only aspect that will differentiate the GP24 from the 2023 Desmosedici which will be entrusted to Marc Marquez, Alex Marquez and the two VR46 team riders in 2024. The GP24 will also benefit from a new aerodynamic package, which will be shown for the first time in Sepang.

“You shouldn't think that this is something never seen before, but the differences are quite evident. In the simulations it gives us good results, which we will have to confirm on the track" admitted Barana, who confirmed that the changes made to the Desmosedici will be more profound than what can be seen by eye, although it is not a completely revolutionized bike.

“When you make a motorbike and try to improve something, you also risk losing something you already have, which is why there are more evolutions than revolutions - he explained - The evolutions are more or less great, depending on the ideas you have in mind, but there are also evolutions introduced during the year, which are less visible than the fairing, such as the holeshot device that we introduced mid-season in 2023. It was the result of an evolution of the chassis, of the lowering device... it was great. It took many months to develop it."


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