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MotoGP, Bezzecchi: “I’m having problems compared to the other Ducati riders”

“Great effort, but I’m working hard to recuperate. The Losail weekend? Very hard. This Sunday, I had to already manage at eleven laps from the finish”

MotoGP: Bezzecchi: “I’m having problems compared to the other Ducati riders”

Marco Bezzecchi arrived 14th at the finish line of the Qatar GP with 19 seconds behind the winner, Bagnaia. He didn’t hide his disappointment for a season below expectations.

Unfortunately, it was a difficult Sunday for me,” he said unhappily. “In the warm up, we had progressed, and I was very happy, because I felt comfortable on the bike again. But as soon as the race started, the front started closing when braking, and I don’t know why.”

From that moment on, it was an uphill climb. “I had no confidence with the brakes and not even when entering a corner or on distance,”  he confided. “So I ended up having to open the throttle earlier than I should have, since I had no speed. Also, I soon ran out of rear tire and had to try to manage it. When there were eleven laps to go, at the end, I was already on the C mapping of the engine, which is the one that delivers the least power. It was a tough weekend. There were some positive things but, when a weekend goes wrong, it’s difficult to recuperate. Let's hope we immediately find a good starting point for the next few days in Portimao.”

He thinks that even the comparison with the other Ducati riders was ruthless. “The best, as well as the Marquez brothers, and my teammate proved to be more competitive than me in the time attack, and also in distance. I’ll have to analyze the telemetry to understand what I lack compared to them,” he acknowledged. “Above all, I have to understand why I lack speed. Now I’m not able to do what my teammates do.”

I'm not confident with the front and, when I touch the brakes, the bike doesn’t turn. This makes me lose my sprint in changes of direction and leads me to accelerate late or, on the contrary, I end up entering the corner too slow because the bike doesn’t turn, so it forces me to give gas first, wearing out the tires,” he explained “I’m struggling overall, but I’m also working hard, so I’ll get there. It’s a frustrating situation but, at the same time, motivating.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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