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Moto2, Boscoscuro: Corsi needs Lowes' determination

"In recent years Moto 2 has lost its true spirit, but with SpeedUP we will continue the challenge of quantity"

Boscoscuro: Corsi needs Lowes' determination

In Moto2 the intention of his SpeedUP bike is to make life difficult for the Kalex machines. Last year Same Lowes managed to play a leading role, so much that he finished the season in fourth place. Now Luca Boscoscuro has put his money on Simone Corsi and his desire for a rematch. The rider from Lazio has already brought home two podium finishes in the early stages of the season, but the number one from Veneto does not want to settle.

You made a strong start this season.

“It was a positive start, but that is not enough, because there is still a long way to go. Simone is a competitive and talented young man with a great desire to redeem himself after the last few seasons, but there is still a long road ahead to reach 100%. On this team he has everything it takes to blossom as soon as possible.”

He has some big shoes to fill. How far from 100% is he?

“At Le Mans he could have won but instead he settled for a podium finish. When winning is the goal, instead of waiting you must try, convinced of what you are doing. In terms of speed he is at the top, but he is still lacking that determination that Sam had, a unique rider in his class.”

How different are Lowes and Corsi?

“Very. Simone undoubtedly has a crisp and clean riding style, whereas Sam is more down and dirty, spectacular. One works a lot with the front, whereas the other prefers the rear.”       

What does this category need?

“Maybe more power for the bikes, because 130 horsepower is not much. In any case, I think that Moto2 is the most complicated class, where the rider's talent really comes out. In recent years we have seen guys come up like Iannone, Viñales and Marquez, who then moved up to MotoGP. I am convinced that it is the ideal place to train MotoGP champions. In fact, those who arrive at the top class from SBK have never left a mark.”

Lowes came over from Supersport. What struck you about him?

“His courage and determination. There are very few talents like him around.”

Who is impressing you lately?

“Luca Marini, after the experience in CEV, has demonstrated incredible growth. This is his first year in Moto2 and he is very fast and competitive.”

With SpeedUP you are trying to keep up with the Kalex machines. Is the commitment confirmed for next year as well?

“Yes, we are very comfortable and the responses we are obtaining are positive. It's a shame that in recent years Moto2 has lost what its true spirit was, in other words, a manufacturer who developed its own bike, then taking it onto the track. Ours is as if it were a war of quantity, since there are only Kalex machines, also because Suter has abandoned us. It seems like we have gone back to the 250 of a few years ago, where there was only Aprilia. In any case, we will continue with our project.”

 Last week Fenati tested the SpeedUP.

“That's true, we had a request from VR46 and we managed to concede a day of testing to Romano. I can say that he made some very interesting times.”

In the future do you dream of a team with two all-Italian riders?

“It would be very nice. In this sport, however, you must take care not to take a stride longer than your leg. We have Simone with us and he will be on the team next year as well.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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