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MotoGP, VIDEO - Site Pons confident: "Marquez logical choice for Ducati in 2025"

The Spaniard sees Marc as Pecco Bagnaia's future teammate in Ducati Factory, preferring him to Martìn and Bastianini: "If he wants to win he must choose him, he has shown he is ready"

MotoGP: VIDEO - Site Pons confident:

Sito Pons has expressed a very clear opinion on the name of Pecco Bagnaia's future partner in Ducati, a seat now coveted by at least three riders who are Jorge Martìn, Enea Bastianini and Marc Marquez . The Spaniard is sure that the best choice for Ducati is the eight-time world champion and he spoke about it to the microphones of Sky Sport MotoGP colleagues in Jerez.

"I think there is no doubt, I see it as a clear choice. If we look at the three races we have experienced so far, who is the rider who was always in front? If Ducati wants to keep winning there is only one choice to make. I think it's difficult to decide, Martìn is doing a beautiful job, Bagnaia has won two world championships, however Marquez is showing that he has the ability to be the rider to fight someone like Acosta in the future and I think Ducati has to bet on him."

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