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MotoGP, Mir: "Marquez? It's absurd the way certain penalties are given."

"For much less last year I was penalized with a double long lap penalty while today Marc only had to return the position. I'm not mad at him, but his maneuver was unfair."

MotoGP: Mir:

Joan Mir was in the middle of the fight for sixth position in Saturday's Sprint in Jerez, but as a result of contact triggered by Marc Marquez he lost as many as four positions, finishing tenth. On the Spaniard's part, there is great bitterness about what happened, especially the punishment imposed on 93, who was forced to give up his position in the race.

In the post-race the Honda standard bearer explains without mincing words what his thoughts are on the matter.

"In my opinion Marc's maneuver towards me was unfair - he began - this afternoon I managed to make a good start, but then I lost several positions due to a contact in Turn 2. However, I managed to recover, getting back under the group where Oliveira and Raul Fernandez were. I was ready to attack on the last lap, but then Marc came and touched me, taking me to the outside and making me lose 4 positions. To make matters worse he then passed Oliveira in the exact same way and for all that he was penalized one position. That's the how much, absurd in my opinion..."

Joan takes a step back.
"The last time I received a penalty was Portimao 2023. The race management penalized me with a double long lap penalty following a maneuver on Quartararo where I was the one who ended up on the ground. This day, on the other hand, for everything he did, Marc only had to give up one position. Later in the box I would like to understand how certain penalties are given because in my opinion it is not possible to have two such different methods of judgment for the same mistake."

Mir then goes into detail about the incident
"I personally don't resent Marc's maneuver. If he had waited three seconds he would have passed me without any problem, in fact I don't understand this overtaking of his since we were not even in a tussle for the podium. However, it is incredible how the Stewards evaluate these actions. In my opinion Marc should not have made that maneuver."

Speaking of overtaking, Mir then explains one detail.
"To date it is really difficult to overtake cleanly in this MotoGP, in fact I am a rider open to contact. The fact is that today the story is completely different, because I was completely taken out, losing several positions and Marquez should not have made that kind of entry."

The last consideration is for the track.
"There were two patches of wetness on 5, exactly on the trajectory, in fact I noticed it during the alignment lap. In fact, it was just enough to end up on the ground. The Honda? I felt good today, in fact managed to step up. Too bad, because we were in a good position."

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