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Moto3, Emilio Alzamora introduces new SeventyTwo Artbox Racing team

The team formed by the agreement between SeventyTwo Motorsports and Artbox will participate in the JuniorGP in 2024, with young talents like Guido Pini, Angus Grenfell, and Brian Uriarte, with also Carlos Cano in ETC

Moto3: Emilio Alzamora introduces new SeventyTwo Artbox Racing team

In the heart of the Montjuïc circuit, where Spain's first motorcycle Grand Prix was held, Emilio Alzamora unveiled his new SeventyTwo Motorsports project, a talent representation and management company created to guide and represent motorsports riders to success. A new division within the SeventyTwo Sports Group, the agency that represents athletes specializing in the world of tennis, led by John Morris, Ivan Hooper, and former tennis player Galo Blanco.

The most eagerly awaited moment, however, was the presentation of the SeventyTwo Artbox Racing Team, the new team formed by the agreement between SeventyTwo Motorsports and Artbox, which will compete in the 2024 season in the FIM JuniorGP with young riders like Guido Pini, Carlos Cano, Angus Grenfell, and Brian Uriarte. The team will be able to count on the experience of technician Massimo Capanna in the role of technical director and Guillem Alonso as Team Manager, as well as the advice and knowledge of former World Champion Alzamora who, this year, will be celebrating  the 25th anniversary of the World title he won in the 125.

European Talent Cup champion in 2023 and vice-champion of the category the following year, 16-year-old Guido Pini from Tuscany will make his JuniorGP debut riding a KTM Moto3, joined by 17-year-old Australian Angus Grenfell, in his second season in the category, and who also competed in the European Talent Cup with Team Artbox. They'll also be joined by Brian Uriarte who, however, will have to postpone his debut to the last three championship races, since he'll be turnin 16 in August. On the other hand, 2023 Vice-champion of the ESBK PreMoto3, 14-year-old Carlos Cano, will be making his debut this year in the European Talent Cup. The sponsor of the SeventyTwo Artbox Racing Team will be Bradol, a brand of automotive lubricants from the Spanish company Brugarolas, which will use the team's presence in the JuniorGP as a testing ground for its products.

"We're very excited to start the SeventyTwo Motorsports project, which is a great challenge for me and an opportunity to continue contributing all my experience in motorcycling. Our main goal for 2024 is to support this new generation of young talented riders, while maximizing the opportunities that could arise, to represent professional riders, putting all our structure and services at their disposal. We created our own race team alongside Artbox, which became "SeventyTwo Artbox Racing". I'd like to thank all the sponsors for their help and their commitment to this new project, and thank them for their support," SeventyTwo Motorsports Director Emilio Alzamora said. Towards the end f the presentation, he also experienced a special moment in honor of the 25th anniversary of the title he won in 1999. An anniversary that he'll celebrate this year along with his 20 years as a talent manager.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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