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MotoGP, Not only VR46, Pramac team also in Yamaha's crosshairs

Lin Jarvis must convince a team at all costs to strengthen Yamaha for 2025. In his notebook is the reconfirmation of Fabio Quartararo, and an offer to the other riders on the market, but first of all a second team, and for that there is not only VR46!

MotoGP: Not only VR46, Pramac team also in Yamaha's crosshairs

There is a lot of talk these days about the rider market - definitely ahead of schedule - but much less about the team market. A topic that seems to be definitely more pressing since the starting lineup is full of excellent riders with contracts expiring in 2024, but there are definitely fewer teams!

In fact, to put it bluntly, there are only two teams that might be changing helmets next year. The one most talked about is definitely the VR46 team, because its boss, Valentino Rossi, is currently a Yamaha Ambassador and it is no mystery that the Iwata-based manufacturer is desperately trying to double the number of bikes on the track. A goal shared by Dorna, which is doing all it can to help.

The second, hear hear!, is Paolo Campinoti's Pramac, since the Ducati Gresini team already has a signed agreement for next year.

Pramac is talked about very little because it has long been Ducati's flagship satellite team.

Pramac entered the MotoGP world championship in 2002 with Honda, with Montiron as team manager. In 2005 it switched to Ducati, associating itself with the structure of former rider D'Antin, until in 2018, with Jack Miller and Danilo Petrucci it became the top satellite team.

Since then, the relationship has become closer and closer, and with the arrival of Gigi Dall'Igna at Ducati, Pramac has become a true partner, with Miller and Francesco Bagnaia in what to all intents and purposes was the beginning of the Veneto engineer's policy: to have more information and riders on the track to develop the Desmosedici.

For this reason since 2020, Pramac has identical bikes to those of the official team and its riders have contracts signed directly with the Bologna-based manufacturer. The most recent is Fermin Aldeguer, currently in Moto2 with Speed Up.

But then why would Campinoti switch hands and go to Yamaha, which definitely has a less competitive bike? The reason would be mainly financial because the Iwata-based manufacturer desperately needs two more bikes , and although it is true that the lease is paid directly by Dorna, through IRTA, Yamaha could still offer significantly better terms.

Moreover, with Jorge Martin's contract expiring - a Ducati contract - and Jorge looking for an official team, should the latter not receive an offer to join the Lenovo team soon, Campinoti would definitely have a nice package to offer Yamaha. And just think what would happen should Jorge himself win the title with Ducati: he would switch to Yamaha carrying the number 1 on his fairing!!!

OK, these are all flights of fancy, and it is also true that at the time of the decision, the world championship will not yet have indicated a sure winner, but Paolino knows how to do his business well and did not refuse a chat with Lin Jarvis who, in order not to put Yamaha's business too much in the public square, through his secret tunnel under the Yamaha hospitality - just kidding eh! - started meeting possible partners in the IRTA van!

Yamaha, for its part, is already working on the 2025 team and has few names at its disposal, because it is difficult to sell the M1 as a competitive bike, and in its notebook, as it happens, are the names of Jorge Martin and Enea Bastianini.

There were some meetings at Portimao, while Ducati is also deciding on its strategies for 2025. Apparently the Borgo Panigale factory, which has already signed Bagnaia, is in no hurry, and would seem intent on not deciding before the Mugello GP, but if it is true that the best deals on the market stalls are made at closing time, it is also undeniable that it is the freshest merchandise that goes away first.

And in plain sight today are Fabio Quartararo, Jorge Martin, Marc Marquez and Enea Bastianini, all of whom with the fresh eye of someone who intends to sell themselves to the highest bidder.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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