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Moto2, Pasini: "Rossi's Ranch is preparatory, training with rivals makes you grow"

The Romagna native will continue his adventure at Sky TV: "I wasn't able to join the Academy because I was too old, but Rossi has always done something special. His is the only reality that if you have talent it takes you and gives you everything you need, but I still feel like a rider: I'll do four wild cards"

Moto2: Pasini:

At the presentation of Sky Motori's programming for the 2024 season, Mattia Pasini made some interesting declarations about his commitment for the coming months, including a prediction about Moto2 and a comparison with the past.

“I will do four wild cards with Boscoscuro, even if always in home-made version – declared the rider from Riccione – It's a bet from a few years ago when they left me without a ride. I wanted to go back to racing, moving around with my van and dad as a mechanic. To do this I bought a motorbike, I spent a lot of money, but I'm proud of it, even though I haven't picked up much on Sunday so far because with two races in the championship it's tough. Having said that, last year I never got through to Q2, I started from the second row twice and finished three times in the top ten out of four heats, despite the problems I had."

But what led him to want to double the number of weekends?

“With Bosco we asked ourselves why not and in the end we found an agreement. It is certainly an extra motivation, he is working a lot – he said – I will line up at the GPs in Barcelona, Mugello, Austria and Misano, in order to prepare myself as best as possible for the following event and not let too much time pass, especially if things go wrong. It's a wonderful opportunity for me since my heart is still inside the helmet and behind the visor, it's also a chance to bring new content to Sky and help people understand what motorcycle racing is from the inside, from preparation to states of mind. In this way I will combine business with pleasure. Of course, sometimes I wonder why I did it, as the commitment will be considerable. I will have to work like a professional, but manage myself independently. Without forgetting that I have a company that is doing very well, but it must be followed and then there is TV."

Despite the satisfaction with this new opportunity, the hope is to obtain a decent ride in the very near future even if it could be particularly difficult. “I didn't get any calls? It's not true – he forcefully denied – The fact is that I'm no longer young and I'm no longer willing to race just for the sake of doing it. I wish I could fight for the top, but so far it hasn't been possible. I've given myself a year or two until I can be competitive and fit. I would like to face another season as God intended because in my career I have had many uneventful moments. I believe in it, but it doesn't upset my head. I already feel privileged to have these four grands prix available to enjoy."

Then making a comparison between the old 250 cc two-stroke and the current Moto 2, the 38-year-old analysed: “The category has changed a lot. If you look at the times recorded with the new road-derived engines, at a relatively accessible cost they are really going strong. However, the bikes are all too similar and the difference is made by the teams that invest more in everything behind the track aspect. This means that real talents are obscured and those who have the least talent emerge only because they can have access to certain teams. However, the world championship remains the highest expression, the level is very high and continues to rise."

But are we sure that racing today is more complicated than in the past? The rider from Romagna has doubts. “A couple of years ago, during the Aprilia All Stars I happened to get back on my old 250. After thirteen years I was nervous, as I had exceptional memories, like a real racing bike, fast, sensitive, technical, difficult and going very fast. I was afraid of being disappointed but instead it was like taking a leap forward ten years. It was more selective than today's in terms of precision and delivery. Now you can be dirty and not be penalized, with the old bikes if you made a mistake you lost a second, but it allowed you to hone your skills".

Making a prediction about the new World Championship, Pasini firmly proclaimed: “In my opinion, the favourite is Fermin Aldeguer in view of the end of the last championship. I would also look out for Aron Canet. Even though he hasn't won yet, he's on the ball and changing the tyres could benefit him. For the rest I see many question marks. I expect Tony Arbolino to be competitive, while Celestino Vietti will have a lot of responsibility given that the Ajo team is at the top like Boscoscuro and VDS. However, for him the variables represented by Pierer’s bikes and WP suspension should not be overlooked. The rider from Piedmont tried to go fast and I hope to see him ahead, but compared to 2023 there are some unknowns, so I wouldn't place him among those eligible for the win."

One final comment could not fail to concern the boom in the number of VR46 riders. “At the ranch they have created an incredibly preparatory ecosystem, because training together with your rivals every day allows you to constantly grow. As riders they had an old-fashioned sport education. They all have an excellent relationship and they put themselves to the test, plus they are very strong individually. I couldn't join the Academy because I was too old, but Rossi has always done something special. His is the only reality that takes you if you have talent and gives you everything you need to excel for five years. He gives everyone the opportunity to get to MotoGP. In a short time they’ve won four championships, three with Bagnaia and one with Morbidelli. I'm proud of them,” he commented.


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