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MotoGP, Marini: "The first person I spoke to about Honda was Valentino"

"I think I am the right rider for HRC and that it is the ideal team for me, it's like playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona. We can only improve, but we must not rush"

MotoGP: Marini:

Luca Marini's move from the VR46 team's Ducati to the Honda was one of the surprises of the 2023 MotoGP transfer market. Leaving Valentino Rossi's team and the most competitive bike on the grid to move to Honda was certainly an act of courage. Luca thought about it a lot before deciding and consulted a person he trusts.

“Honestly, the first person I called was my brother – he confessed on Motorsport's podcast 'Por Orejas'First of all because he is the head of the team, the owner. But also because he is a person of great intelligence and with a lot of experience. I explained to him what I had inside, what I thought, that it could be an opportunity for my career, for my life, and together, with the Academy, with my manager and with Honda, we started talking and from those conversations all this came about."

For Marini this is a big challenge, but at the same time it is what he was looking for: being in an official team and being able to develop a motorbike himself.

"I think I'm the right rider for Honda at the moment and I also think that, for me, Honda is the ideal team, because it's a dream, it's like going to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona was his belief - I think that at the moment we can only improve. We have to be patient and give ourselves time, we must not rush. MotoGP is a really complicated sport, with a lot of competition: there is not only Ducati, there are also KTM, Aprilia, Yamaha, which are pushing a lot to improve their bikes. It won't be easy, but we have to work better than our rivals. It won't be easy, but I believe we have the potential and the right people to do it."

A change of mentality certainly awaits him, accustomed to an all-Italian manufacturer and team.

"Working with a Japanese manufacturer is very different, in communication, in the way of thinking - said Luca - The culture is very different and we need to get closer. I try to understand their point of view as much as possible and they try to make a step towards Europe. At Honda there are very good people who are Italian and Spanish, we must work together in the same direction and try to communicate well, because this will be fundamental. It wasn't just Valentino who gave me advice on how to work with the Japanese, but also many other people."

However, Marini will have an Italian alongside him: crew chief Giacomo Guidotti, who moved from Joan Mir's garage to his.

"I get along very well with Giacomo, he is Italian and it will be very easy to talk and understand each other. When we have to fine-tune the adjustment at the last moment to perfect and gain that extra half-tenth of a second, we will certainly understand each other very well - Luca is certain - Honda decided to change the team, I'm not sure why. The only thing I know is that I have to work as much as possible and have a good relationship with them because, in the end, they are my second family and we have to spend many days together throughout the year, and it will definitely be a great experience.”


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