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MotoGP, Bagnaia: " Marquez in Ducati? I don't want to think about it, I'm going on holiday to Mexico"

The two-time world champion takes stock of his 2023: "This title gave me more satisfaction than the first. The crash at Barcelona was tough, but it taught me a lot." And after launching a challenge to Sinner, he offers a wish to his young peers: "Follow my example"

MotoGP: Bagnaia:

With a second title won last November in the final sprint in Valencia, Pecco Bagnaia has joined Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez in the special ranking which sees them as the only ones to have been able to confirm a title win for two consecutive seasons in MotoGP. An important goal that the rider from Chivasso looks at with the classic low profile that distinguishes him.

"I still have a few World Championships left to reach their level, but winning two in a row was fantastic, it takes you to a higher level, and I shouldn't stop here - he commented in an exclusive interview with Matteo Aglio for La Stampa - I have to continue to believe in it and try to do better and better."

Being able to achieve such a result was certainly not an easy feat, considering that 2023 offered a hard-fought championship with a much closer form factor. “And in fact I'm even happier than I was last year, even if now I just feel very tired,” he admitted.

As in 2022, on this occasion too the battle for the title ended in the last race available. A situation that contributed to keeping the stress level high.

“I don't like that it always has to end like this, but it happens. Being down helps you do your best and learn.”

The Italian has in a certain sense been a trailblazer, having fearlessly and proudly shown off the #1 on the fairing, something that his predecessors never had the courage to do, who knows if out of superstition or something else. “It should be mandatory for those who win the most prestigious trophy in the premier class because it is for very few. It's true, however, that it puts a lot of responsibility on you and you can feel it. You always have to prove you're up to it."

However, the year just ended was not a walk in the park for the 26-year-old. In fact, in the middle there was the traumatic crash at Barcelona which could have ruined everything. In any case, an unexpected event was dealt with by the Ducati rider with the usual discretion.

“People might have thought I was trying to make excuses, so I preferred not to say anything to anyone and keep myself to myself. In the end it all went well, so there is no need to delve further into the topic. However, I can assure you that it was not an easy time. It all happened in an instant, but it took me a long time to recover from a sporting point of view. Humanly speaking, however, I was able to immediately get back to normal", he commented, underlining the importance of the contribution of the people close to him and the team.

It's impossible not to draw a parallel with another successful Italian, the tennis player Jannik Sinner. “I would like to challenge him on his field, even if I know I would take a huge beating. He is certainly a stimulus and a benchmark. Dall’Igna should sign him as a rider, even if with his height I think he would struggle to stay on our bike."

Similar in approach, the two have proven that you can fight hard for a goal, without necessarily looking askance at your opponent. “I don't understand why it should be any different. I think that respect is the basis of everything, then competitive malice comes by itself. It's something natural ."

After so much stress his mind is now on the holidays and Mexico where his future bride Domizia will keep him company. No worries on the other hand regarding Marquez who will defend the colours of the Gresini team in 2024, also riding a Desmosedici. “For now I don't want to think about it,” he cut short.

Retracing the critical issues encountered in recent months, Pecco said that the crash of Montmelò was the worst moment, while the greatest satisfactions were the success at Mandalika, right after his clamourous impact, the triumph at Ricardo Tormo and the two weekends in Austria and Mugello.

Then making a wish to his young peers, Bagnaia had no doubts: "I hope that what I am doing will be a motivation for them."


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