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Davide Brivio leaves Alpine, something Honda and MotoGP have been expecting

There was talk of the Italian manager’s return to the World Championship, and this consensual separation is just more proof: “I want to follow other opportunities.”

MotoGP: Davide Brivio leaves Alpine, something Honda and MotoGP have been expecting

After three years, Davide Brivio bids farewell to Alpine, the team with which he entered the Formula 1 as Racing Director, after which he then transferred to the Academy with young riders.

Bruno Famin, VP of Motorsports Alpine Racing, said: “First of all, we’d like to thank Davide for his hard work and commitment over the last three seasons. His experience in motorsports has been extremely valuable, especially in the development and the progression of the Alpine Academy. David is leaving Alpine, in order to pursue other opportunities, and we’ve accepted to mutually agree to part ways. We wish him well for the next chapter of his already impressive career in motorsports.

Davide Brivio added: “It was a chapter that I’m proud of in my motorsports career, being involved in the Formula 1 with Alpine. I’d like to thank Alpine for giving me the opportunity to experience the Formula 1, which was my wish, and also for giving me the opportunity to transfer some of my motorsport experience to the young riders in the Alpine Academy. I wish the team and the Academy all the best for the future, and I’m sure we’ll see many young riders reach fantastic milestones in their career. Participating in a small part of this success will certainly be something that I’ll cherish. I’m grateful to Alpine for embracing my desire to pursue other opportunities that may (and hopefully will) present themselves in the future.

Now we’ll have to figure out the reason for this move. For more than a year, there has been talk of Brivio’s return to the MotoGP, and his name has been associated more than once with Honda’s. HRC is restructuring its project in the World Championship and a manager with Davide’s experience would be more than an asset.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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