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MotoGP, Fabio Quartararo focuses on Morbidelli in 2024, thinking about the future

“I want to win again with Yamaha. But, if I don’t have a winning project, I’ll have to leave. I’m curious to see how Franco will behave with a Ducati and how quickly he’ll be able to adapt.”

MotoGP: Fabio Quartararo focuses on Morbidelli in 2024, thinking about the future

Looking at the results he’s achieved during the season, 2023 was undoubtedly the most disappointing year for Fabio Quartararo, ever since he entred the MotoGP in 2019. During the 20 events on the calendar, the Yamaha rider scored a miserable 172 points, reaching the podium only four  times. Arriving third in the GPs in Texas, India and Indonesia, and in the Sprint Race in Assen, Quartararo failed to win even one race, so he had to settle for a dismal 10th place in the championship, after competing for the title with Francesco Bagnaia in 2022, until the grand finale in Valencia. Sustaining this situation for such a long time has been difficult situation for the 24-year-old rider whose patience is beginning to run short.

I won a title with them, The relationship is good and, as a rider, I’d like to win again with Yamaha. We’ve had ups and downs, and I’d like to return to the top, But the fact is that the time to do so is very short and, above all, it is, in order to be able to convince me that the project is a winning one,” Fabio admitted in an interview with “If I feel that that I don’t have a winning project, and I’ll end up having to leave, I’ll obviously have to take some action. But I see Yamaha is pushing a lot, and I’d very much like to return to the top of the rankings with them.”

The concessions that the constructor in Iwata will be able to benefit from in 2024 will be  a great help in developing the M1, but they may not be enough to fight for the top, given the great delay by his opponents that El Diablo complained about after the test in Valencia. This is precisely why the rider from Nice will begin to look around in the first part of the upcoming championship, paying particular attention to Franco Morbidelli’s and Marc Marquez’s performances on their new Ducatis.

It’s obviously going to be very interesting for me to see what happens next year with Marc, but especially with Franco, who’s been my teammate since I started racing in the MotoGP,” Quartararo commented. “I’m curious to see how he’ll behave with an official Ducati and how quickly he’ll be able to adapt, since he spent the same years I spent on a Yamaha. It’ll be an important first half of 2024 for me.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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