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MotoGP, Aleix Espargaró: “Morbidelli crossed the line, he has no respect for anyone”

“I didn’t want to hit Franco, just make him move out of the way. He’s been strolling along the track for a year and a half, and he blocked me three times yesterday. Martin? He had no grip because the tire wasn’t working. These tires aren't up to par.”

MotoGP: Aleix Espargaró: “Morbidelli crossed the line, he has no respect for anyone”


Aleix Espargaró tried to bite the bullet and take part in the Qatar GP despite having fractured the fibula of his left leg, during the accident with Miguel Oliveira in the opening stages of the Sprint Race. However, the lack of sensitivity in his foot forced him to wave a white flag during the 7th lap of the race, putting an early end to a weekend that truly needs to be forgotten for the Aprilia rider

Before his leg injury, Aleix was part of a bad episode with Franco Morbidelli, which cost him a penalty of six grid positions and a fine of 10,000 Euros for hitting the Yamaha rider on the helmet. A gesture stigmatized by Espargaró himself, who wanted to return to the scene to give his version of the events.

“First of all, I want to say that I’m very sorry and ashamed of my outburst. I feel really bad for myself and my team. I take responsibility for my actions. It wasn’t my intention to hit him or anything, I just wanted to make him move out of the way. In any case, it was my mistake, and if you only look at the final part of what happened, I deserve the penalty. I don’t question that but, in my opinion, it’s unfair to only judge those five seconds,” the Spanish rider said. “Franco has been strolling along the track for a year and a half. He has no respect for anyone. In the last race, he bothered his teammate and wasn’t penalized, then he called Marquez a dog and, yesterday, he hindered me three times and, when I tried to get back on the track, he prevented me from doing so. That’s why I reacted very badly. I’m sorry for my reaction, but the thing that made me most angry is the fact that, in his statements, he talked about my family and my son, and that is not correct for me. He crossed the line, and I’m very angry.”

Instead, speaking of today, the Spanish rider talked about the difficulties that forced him to give up, questioning his participation in the next round in Valencia.

I have a major fracture of the fibula, and the problem isn’t the fracture itself but the fact the muscle and ligaments are full of blood,” Aleix explained. “This morning, I did three laps, and I was dying from the pain. I told Dr. Charte to give me everything he had to try not to feel pain, because it was impossible to ride this morning. During the race, I felt no pain, but I had no strength in my foot, it was completely blocked, and this prevented me from changing the gear. That’s why I went back to the pits. It’s a shame, because I was really fast here since Friday but, yesterday, I knew immediately that I had something broken, after Miguel hit me so violently in my leg. If I can, I’ll try again in Valencia.”

The Spanish rider doesn’t want to miss the grand finale of the season at Ricardo Tormo, where the 2023 MotoGP champion will also be decreed. A title that is almost in Francesco Bagnaia’s hands, after the problems Jorge Martin had with his tires.

His bike didn’t accelerate at all on the straight. It was clearly visible compared to the Aprilia, for example. We know how the Ducati goes and, when a bike doesn’t accelerate at all, it ‘s due to lack of traction. It was clear from his lap times, but if you know a little about the bikes, it was enough to look at how his bike was accelerating towards the finish line to understand that the traction control was taking a lot of power away from him, due to a tire that was not working,” the Aprilia rider commented and then added: “I don’t want to speak badly of anyone but, for me, the quality of the championship tires isn’t up to par. I’m not saying that because of what happened today.”

Twenty-one points are many to recuperate but, for the eldest of the Espargaró brothers, a comeback is still possible.

It can be done. We automatically think that there are still twenty-five points up for grabs, but there are thirty-seven,” he observed. “Obviously, I feel bad for Jorge, for the way he lost points today, because it was clear that it wasn’t his fault. But he has to be proud of the championship he’s done. He already has more than four hundred points, and he’ll have to be majestic in Valencia.”

Translated by Leila Myftija

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