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MotoGP, Biaggi: “Me and Rossi? Age makes you see everything with rose-colored glasses. It happens to all riders.”

Valentino celebrates his rivalry with the six-time world champion in Tavullia. “I was glad. It’s the journey of life. The one after the races. Aprilia? deserved to win, even without Bagnaia. The Pecco incident? 15 years ago the electronics were primitive, but now motorcycles are more dangerous.”

MotoGP: Biaggi: “Me and Rossi? Age makes you see everything with rose-colored glasses. It happens to all riders.”


The fans who flocked to Misano for the weekend got the chance to see the nine-time world champion once again during an evening in Tavullia in the company of Valentino Rossi. It was also an opportunity for a look at the past, at the rivalry that contributed to the Italian champion's career. First out of all, perhaps, that all-Italian challenge with Max Biaggi, widely cited with nostalgic tones rather than enmity.

In an interview with Sky, Max Biaggi, who had not taken part in the event, commented.
Age often leads you to see the see through rose-colored glasses,” Max intervened. “It’s the other path of life, the one after the races. It happens to all riders. Personally, I didn’t get to see the event because I was at the presentation of the new Aprilia RS 457 here in the paddock last night, but I heard an excerpt, and I was glad to be mentioned. I know that Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Dovizioso have also had the opportunity to reconnect with Vale. Jokingly, after Rossi’s retirement from the MotoGP, I said that, maybe, with old age, the time would arrive to see each other again and remember those times in front of a glass of wine. Who knows, anything is possible.

The six-time world champion then reviewed the events of the last race in Barcelona, from Aprilia to Bagnaia’s accident.
That Sunday in Barcelona will remain engraved in the minds of Aprilia fans. To be honest, Pecco wasn’t on the track but, in the sprint, the result was very similar, so I think it was a deserved victory and not a fortuitous one, both for Maverick and for Aleix. As for the Bagnaia accident, the electronics ten to fifteen years ago were much more primitive than now. The lowering device makes a lot of difference in traction, and the bikes go from one corner to another much faster than many years ago. This is also the reason behind all the problems related to brakes and tires, which now suffer and struggle to keep up with development. We have to accept the fact that these bikes have now become a bit dangerous in relation to the standards of today’s circuits, and that the possible solutions can only be an update of the circuits or a step backwards in development.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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