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MotoGP, Quartararo: "It was Bastianini's fault, but these are things that can happen"

"Enea made a mistake, but he was very unlucky, since there was a lot of wind. Today we went back to last year's base on the M1. The Yamaha what we’ll see the Misano tests"

MotoGP: Quartararo: "It was Bastianini's fault, but these are things that can happen"



In the chaos of Barcelona, Fabio Quartararo consoled himself with a seventh place in the Sunday afternoon race. Obviously, the Frenchman's expectations are different, but at the moment this is the situation, and it was difficult to do more than that.

In any case, Fabio tries to keep his morale high, taking all the good things he can bring home from a day like today's where Aprilia hogged all the limelight.

"All in all, it was a positive day - he said - we went back to last year’s base, and I had good feedback right away. During the weekend we worked a lot on the bike but in the end, we realised that the confidence we gained this morning was the right one. So, we decided to follow that path, trying to be fast”.

The Frenchman's thoughts then turned to the aerodynamics.

“With big wings you need more power, while small wings proved to be the right choice for a track like this. However, I think that in Misano we will go back to the previous version, even if here in Barcelona we had the opportunity to compare the two variants and the feedback was interesting".

He also had something to say about the incident triggered by Bastianini.

“These are things that can happen, considering that, among other things, there was a lot of wind. Enea was inside, he could have only taken down one, instead many other riders crashed in the incident. Obviously, it's Bastianini's fault, but there's also an element of bad luck in this case."

Meanwhile, in a week it will already be time for Misano, which for the occasion will see tests the day after the race.

“It's mentally difficult to accept this situation and Yamaha is aware of it, given that last year I won while today I finished seventh. They know how important this test is, but above all the time that will accompany us up to the Valencia tests and then the winter ones. We will have to decide many things for 2024”.


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