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MotoGP, Checa: "The only thing Marquez can do in this situation is get hurt"

“Honda has always been aware that Marc could win with any bike, but that is no longer the case. At Sachsenring he hit rock bottom and I don't know what will happen from then on."

MotoGP: Checa: "The only thing Marquez can do in this situation is get hurt"


The undisputed king of Sachsenring, where he scored eight consecutive wins between 2013 and 2021, and a total of eleven victories including the minor classes, Marc Marquez was forced to abdicate on one of the most difficult Sundays of his career. Defeated by a fifth crash of the weekend on his favourite track, the eight-time world champion laid down his sceptre, deciding to miss the German Grand Prix, despite having been given the OK by the doctors.

Precisely the image of Marc leaning against the guard rail, with his head bowed, after the Warmup, is the one that most of all represents the abyss into which Honda has fallen. A labyrinth with no way out, as Carlos Checa observed, analysing the situation of Marquez and the Japanese manufacturer in a post on DAZN Spain's Twitch channel.

“The positive thing is that Marc is fine. I see that there is no solution, it's a tunnel with no way out. In the short term, it's clear that we're talking about this year and next, I don't know what the solution could be - commented the former Spanish rider - On a sporting level, the only thing Marc can do in this situation is to hurt himself badly. They have tried to improve the bike on many occasions, to change it and I have the feeling that they have made it worse. They haven't improved at all, they haven't been able to catch up with Ducati, who have done a great job."

The Desmosedicis are flying, while the RC213Vs are struggling, in the helpless hands of their riders.

“Honda has always been aware that Marc could win with any bike, but that is no longer the case. Now they find themselves in a very difficult situation, because they don't seem able to give Marc a winning bike. The margin available to the rider has narrowed and he is doing his best. The will to win is admirable, but it's clear that this is only a Top-10 bike, doing well and maybe with some crashes", commented Checa.

It’s a reality with which it is difficult to come to terms, especially at the Sachsenring, in what was once one of the impregnable fiefdoms of the eight-time world champion.

“Marc was aware that Sachsenring was his only chance, he had won in a difficult situation when he injured his arm, and he had high hopes ahead of him. He had the chance to win again, to regain confidence and to put things right, but it went completely wrong. It was one of Marc's worst performances this year and on his favourite circuit. This is rock bottom, and from here on I don't know what will happen - underlined the 50-year-old - Marc went to the limit of his possibilities in the sprint race, he did his best, but he has reached a point that nobody wants to surpass, because he knows that he can crash, as he has done several times. The desire to be in front is much stronger than him, but now it cannot be. Every crash undermines something, especially the last one, which is the one that hurts the most”.

A highside, the one in the Warmup, which temporarily pushed Marquez to surrender - the only possible decision according to Checa, who points the finger at the shortcomings of the RC213V.

“The bike goes away from him, and he doesn't know when, it's unpredictable. This really takes away a lot of confidence. It's clear that a rider who crashes five times before the race absolutely mustn't race, Marc doesn't have to say so, everyone says so - stated the Spaniard - It's not normal for Marquez to arrive at the circuit where he has won so many times, crash five times and be so far away. That crash was very hard because Marc didn't know what was happening, the impact was very strong. The rear wheel should be managed by the electronics, which should intervene when the wheel starts to slip. For me this is the most serious thing. I don't know what changes they've made, but it's an unpredictable bike, with very abrupt reactions, and it seems like Marc is doing worse with this new bike."


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