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MotoGP, Marc Marquez teacher: Maximo Quiles “his” new rider

The very young Spanish rider joined the management company founded by Marquez and recently trained in Aragon with Marc

MotoGP: Marc Marquez teacher: Maximo Quiles “his” new rider


Marc Marquez recently trained in Aragon on his Honda CBR 600 RR, but he wasn’t alone. The MotoGP champion shared the circuit with a very young Spanish rider he decided to take under his wing, namely, Maximo Quiles. Maximo was born in Murcia in 2008 and, despite his very young age, he already has a highly respected resume. After starting on mini bikes, he won the European Talent Cup in 2021 and ranked 3rd last year in the Red Bull Rookies Cup, winning 3 races and reaching the podium 7 times.

Maximo’s talent didn’t go unnoticed, so Marc wanted him to join Vertical Management, the company he created with his brother Alex and manager Jaime Martinez. At the moment, the riders represented are the Marquez brothers and Quiles.

But Marc isn’t only helping him with managerial matters. He’s also passing on his experience to Maximo by training with him. A bit like Valentino Rossi did at the beginning of the Academy, but it’s a bit early now to think about doing the same.

The years have also been passing by for Marquez, who just turned 30, and so maybe he’s already thinking about a possible future as a manager, since he's already taken one step towards this endeavor, but if he still has lots of time ahead of him.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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