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MotoGP, OFFICIAL - Marc Marquez's victory: no Long Lap Penalty

It’s official. The Spanish rider will be able to race without any penalty in the first Grand Prix he’ll be participating in, which should be Le Mans.

MotoGP: OFFICIAL - Marc Marquez's victory: no Long Lap Penalty


The long-awaited decision has arrived, and it is in favor of Marc Marquez. The Spanish champion was, in fact, officially exempted from the double long lap penalty that had been imposed after the events of the Grand Prix in Portimão, the first stage of the season and, for now, Marc’s last presence on the track. After much controversy: the Steward Panel’s error, Honda’s subsequent appeal, and the Steward Panel’s correction.

In short, a real mess, and one that finally ended in what obviously then appeared to be the only possible scenario. Below is part of the long note:

Following the temporary decision of the Court of Appeal of the MotoGP, dated April 12th 2023, which granted the suspension of the execution of the Application of the Sanction imposed on Marc Marquez, the Court had yet to decide on the merits of the case, considering inter alia the appeal filed by Marc Marquez and the HRC - Repsol Honda Team on April 17th 2023.

The Court decided to annul the application of the sanction imposed on Marc Marquez, issued by the FIM MotoGP Sports Commissioners Panel, in relation to the original sanction.

The Court held that the Double Long Lap Penalty inflicted on Marc Marquez by the FIM MotoGP Sports Commissioners Panel during the Portuguese MotoGP held on March 26th, 2023 was fulfilled by the rider’s failure to participate in the 2023 MotoGP Race in Argentina.

Marc Marquez will, therefore, be allowed to race in the upcoming race in which he can participate, without further sanctions.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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